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Via Tam ...

How awesome is this?

No, I don't mean awesome that a SWAT-ish team smashed in the door of a family home, point firearms at members of said family all to drag some kid to the doctor to be prescribed a glass of water, Tylenol and an icepack ... that part wasn't so cool.

The awesome part is the name for the county's version of SWAT ... the Garfield County All Hazards Response Team. All Hazards? Like ... all hazards?

Actually, it kind of fits, when you look at it that way. All Hazards require a heavily armed response to enforce compliance. Smoking is hazardous to your health? Give the green light to the snipers. Mattress in the road causing a driving hazard? Well someone needs their door booted in. When all you have is a SWAT team, every "hazard" looks like a barricaded active shooter.
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