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[Ben]:Moore may be blocked from advertising new movie No discussion found

*sigh* Now I'm really ticked at Bush for signing this bill. Not because it blocks Michael Moore from advertising his movie, but because GW has put me in a position where I have to side with Moore.

This is simply wrong. I truly dislike Moore and the lies he spouts as fact in his movies, his manipulative disguising the truth and ... well, I just don't like him as a person. But, he's got just as much a right to spout those lies (and advertise on agreeable media outlets) as I do to spout my drivel here. That those outlets broadcast their message on the airwaves is immaterial.

The McCain-Feingold act is an immoral violation of the First Amendment. And I criticise Bush first and foremost for stating that it was unconstitutional and signing it anyway, and secondly every politician that supported it or signed it.

I'll continue to do so ... and I'd be happy to accept advertisments critical of Federal candidates from lobbying groups throughout the election.
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