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Yesterday, Cara and I (with the invaluable assistance and expertise of Nate, Beth and Jon) started the job of putting in new laminate flooring at our house.

I'm walking around like a kneecapped mafia snitch today. We're over halfway done (just have the kitchen, entryway and a few closets to do) but I'm already wishing I'd spent more than $12 on kneepads.

The first run in the living room was a little rough. The floors look great, but I've come up with a few tricks that would have made things go a little smoother and with less waste. Doorways suck decomposing slime as they require a lot more cutting measuring and swearing. Once we got into the dining room things went pretty nicely, although I'd like to improve the turnaround time on the cuts. That would make everything go a lot quicker.

Cara took pictures, and if I'm not too lazy, I'll post them.
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