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[Ben]:Evan and Jon's Golf Cart Discuss This [46 comments so far] View Comments
I am linking Evan and Jon's golf cart project to the front page. It is a pretty slick project so far and I figured it was worth showing.

Sorry for the lack of content, folks. It is a time thing.

By the way, I'll probably bump this a few times as it progresses. Nate, Michael and Jon - please don't use the Daily News interface to do this as it will overwrite Evan's post.

From Evan:
As some of you know I am building a golf cart and using a 125cc dirt bike motor to power it. The motor is brand new in box and is a copy cat of a Honda motor.

We are almost done with mounting the motor and just need to finish fabricating the top mount and install it. That is just number one on a long to do list.

I have pics and will post them when I figure out how or somebody shows me.
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