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I'd like to offer some free advice to the RNC: You fired the wrong people. Next time set your sights a little higher, like on the left-wing leadership of your ostensibly right-wing party. You've abandoned your base so completely and dismissed your core principles so utterly that the only people interested in supporting you fall into the following categories:
1. Democrats who love the liberal things that their party supports but are disillusioned with them because of the many and varied Democratic screwups and shortcomings.
2. Republicans who haven't followed the news since Clinton left office ... you know, way back when Republican lawmakers actually pretended to be Republican.
3. Republicans who support the party name, not the party values and/or feed from the Republican trough.
4. Republicans who would rather that the exact same (if not worse!) stupid laws be passed by a Republican-controlled legislature than a Democrat-controlled legislature.

I know, I know ... "If you don't support Republicans, the Democrats will win!" I agree. If any significant portion of Republican voters choose to vote for anyone except the predominantly vile candidates that the RNC perennially chooses to field, Democrats will continue to gain power. But how are the results different? Democrats will pass stupid laws that harm this country in hundreds of different ways, but they will at least have to fight to get it done. Instead , we have Republicans cheerfully introducing and passing things that would have a Democrat labeled a Communist in no time flat. Hey McCain! I'm talking to you. Listen up.

In a way I'm hoping that the Democrats take the Presidency and that Republicans retake the legislature. Then the Republicans have to put on a show of being Republican again, and with any luck the government will stall to the point that neither of the major big government, big pork parties will be able to get anything through.
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