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Anti-civil-rights organizations such as the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Center have already begun to push their position that this kind of shooting is preventable with - surprise, surprise, surprise - more laws that further infringe upon American civil-rights. They continually support ever-increasing legislation in the name of "feeling safe." When those new restrictions inevitably and spectacularly fail to protect anyone, their immediate reaction is to pass more laws that will once again fail to protect anyone. I cannot comprehend why anyone gives these anti-gun crusaders any serious thought when it comes to making our country safer. Disarming the victims never helps, but VPC and the Brady Center work tirelessly to do just that.

Yesterday Cho Seung-Hui ignored prohibitions against carrying a firearm on campus and a dozen other laws and regulations as he walked around Virginia Tech shooting one unarmed person after another. Current reports say that he took the lives of 32 people and then shot himself. Did he care that he was breaking the law as he pumped bullets into disarmed students? Certainly not! Did restrictions on where he was allowed to have a gun prevent him from committing murder after murder among? Certainly not! The only thing that those laws and policies did was prevent people who follow the rules from having the capacity to defend themselves.

Seung-Hui was guaranteed by the Virginia Legislature and various supporters of anti-gun legislation that students and faculty would not be equipped to fight back against him. Those laws failed. I, for one, would rather try a different approach, preferably one not thought up by the very people who ensured that Seung-Hui would have a "safe" environment to commit his murders.
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