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I'm a sucker for "free" stuff. TigerDirect was running a deal where you could get a CA Antivirus application shipped to you on a 2 gigabyte USB drive. Total cost: $49.99 plus shipping but it comes with $50 worth of rebates. Sweet! Screw the antivirus junk, I want the USB thingy.

Yesterday I got the package. The USB drive comes inserted into a business card sized hunk of plastic with the logo of the antivirus company. You pull it out and end up with a tiny little drive less than 1.5" long, .75" wide and .125" thick. Beyond measurements, it is difficult to express to you how tiny this thing is. I'll post a couple of bad cell-phone pictures, but they don't really do it justice:

Two gigabytes of data in a chunk of plastic the size of a long thumbnail. Better still, it is in a usable form - just about any modern computer will let me plug it in and have access to it without any special adapters or wiring.


Makes me think about the way things used to be. It wasn't very long ago at all when transferring files larger than 1.44mb meant either setting up a local network or direct connection (which was, at the time, a HUGE pain in the rear) or breaking the file up into chunks so it could fit on a stack of floppies. Sure, if you had the expensive CD burning equipment you could burn a CD, but CDs were too expensive to waste just to transfer a file.

Amazing how things progress. I can now store more data in a package smaller than my thumb than I used to be able to keep on my whole desktop computer just a few years ago.

Remind me to tell you folks about some new power transmission technology I've been talking to ... someone ... about. Simply fantastic tech that you will be seeing in the next year or two.
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