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It has been a good long time since I've had the opportunity to get properly riled up at a big corporation.

FedEx has been nice enough to give me that chance.

Some background is in order. On February 11th, Nate and Beth came over to our new house. We had a wonderful dinner that the ladies cooked, and then Nate and I started working on the dishwasher. The problem was that the pump wasn't pumping - water would flow into the dishwasher and collect in the bottom without being sprayed about on the dishes inside as one might expect a dishwasher to do.

Nate and I pulled apart the pump and motor assembly and discovered that the impeller was jammed. So we forced it. Hey! Look, it's free now! Sure enough, when we put everything back together, it worked perfectly ... except for that steady leak.


We tore the dishwasher back down and identified where the leak was coming from. Sure enough, right around where the drive shaft entered the pump, water was leaking out. So the next day I looked around and found a source for parts. I could get a whole replacement impeller kit for less than $20 shipped, and I can wait three to five days for it to get here. No problem! I placed the order, told them to ship to my office and got a notification within a couple of hours that the order had gone out. Sure enough, the next day it shows up on FedEx's order tracking screen.

So far so good.

I wait three days. FedEx says that the package was on a truck for delivery.
I wait five days. Still not in. They must have had a problem with all the weather, but I'm not in a huge hurry or anything.
I wait six days.
Seven days. FedEx shows the package as back at their facility, scheduled for delivery the next day. Okay, I'm fine with that.
Eight days. On the truck ... was it delivered? No. Not even attempted.
Nine days. Back on the truck.
Ten days. On the truck again, no delivery attempted.
Eleven days. Again! Back on the truck.

As I'm coming into work today, I see a FedEx truck at the office. FINALLY! I've got my part, right? Wrong. FedEx has sent a truck full of new IP phones to our office and the part that was shipped on the 12th was nowhere to be found.

Just for grins, here is what I see right now if I track my package:
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