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I'm getting way too good at fixing RAID problems.

My server went down over the weekend and I didn't have a chance to finish fixing it until today. Here follows the tale of the resurrection.

When I first rebooted the server, the RAID array was complaining that it was broken and the hot spare was lit up oddly. After doing some digging, it appeared that there was something wrong with the RAID controller - an old IBM ServRAID card. I fiddled around a bit more and could get it to detect the drives, but one or more disks would time out when it was scanning the SCSI devices.

The apparent cause of failure was the old SCSI cable that was responsible for the ServRAID-Motherboard-Disk Array connection. The connector that snapped on to the ServRAID controller was going bad and some wires were loose. I replaced the cable from another Netfinity server we had in the back and the drives seemed to work a little better. Unfortunately, at some point the ServRAID card lost its configuration. If the controller card lacks a valid configuration, the RAID array is lost. Thankfully, I was able to rebuild the array configuration from the disks themselves (fantastic if your RAID card ever goes out on you) and after a few more restarts and tweaks the server came back up.

Rumors that its decision to work correctly was made at gunpoint and threat of exquisitely intense violence are mildly exaggerated.

So, here's the deal: Any emails sent to accounts from the last few days may take some time to arrive and a few may have bounced hard enough that they will not arrive at all. No other data appears to have been lost.

Sorry for the downtime.
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