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Yesterday I did a lot of complaining. Today, I'd like to offer two possible solutions to the very real problems of racism at IUPUI.

1. Prohibit segregation of resources based on race. This would eliminate the whole issue of creating student centers for certain races - student centers should be open to interested students whatever their skin color. Segregation by race is utterly repugnant, racist and impractical. Instead, a race-neutral student center could be built to serve the purpose of a place for students to gather, eat, study and so forth without regard to their skin. This is also a more efficient use of student money.

2. At the very minimum, prohibit the funding of race-oriented clubs and groups with student activity fees. Allotting money to student groups who base their policies on skin color is wrong. If it were left up to me, I would go further and prohibit funding of student groups through general student fees completely. All student groups should be self-funded. They will fail or succeed financially based on the number of students interested in participating in them. This would increase the quality of student organizations by forcing them to actually work for resources, increase their efficiency, prepare them for real-world business and eliminate any problems with people feeling their group is being unfairly funded because of their race.

The first step towards eliminating racism is for everyone to stop making such a big deal about their race and what it entitles them to get. I don't care if you're a member of the IUPUI Skinheads or the Black Student Union - if you're up in arms about how your color makes you different, you will be treated differently - and usually not in a good way. It seems to me that the whole "diversity" movement has done more to set back equality than anything else in forty years. Do you want to be treated the same as anyone else or differently? You can't have it both ways.
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