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Michael2006-12-29New PoD Comments
Michael2005-12-31Some of you might find this interesting... Comments
Michael2005-12-15Healthy Volunteers for Study Comments
Michael2005-12-13I think I saw this outside Ben's apartment... Comments
Michael2005-11-02Man kills buck in bedroom with bare hands Comments
Michael2005-10-27What a Difference A Day Makes Comments
Michael2005-10-12Worse vs. Worst: No. 238 Butler vs. No. 239 Valpo Comments
Michael2005-09-26Commando Gerbil! Comments
Michael2005-07-26Teens' prank turns tragic: 1 dead, 1 hurt 
Michael2005-07-25Day by Day Error 
Michael2005-05-07I'm confused... 
Michael2005-04-12Highway Sign Tells Drivers to Speed Up 
Michael2005-02-16I didn't even know it was possible... 
Michael2005-01-12Amish Teen Electrocuted in Ohio 
Michael2004-12-29Another reason why I won't go to the UK 
Michael2004-12-15A Special Day 
Michael2004-10-11Motorcycle Ride to Benefit Davis Trust 
Michael2004-08-28Steak 'n Shake 
Michael2004-08-27It's News to Me 
Michael2004-07-24Steak 'n Shake 
Michael2004-06-26Steak 'n Shake 
Michael2004-06-19Steak 'n Shake 
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