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Nate2010-10-16Who is adorable?  Comments
Nate2010-10-10Newest Member of the Hibschman Household Comments
Nate2010-08-11Congratulations Evan, Chantelle, and the rest of Session 63!  Comments
Nate2010-02-19Come March On Washington DC with me Comments
Nate2009-08-21Clunker Health Care  Comments
Nate2009-07-20Random Observation from the County Fair Comments
Nate2009-02-24Help NASA Comments
Nate2009-01-19Nice Desk for Sale! Comments
Nate2008-11-26Are you smarter than your politician? Comments
Nate2008-06-01June USPSA Match Comments
Nate2008-04-27I'm Back! Comments
Nate2008-04-23Happy Tax Freedom Day! Comments
Nate2008-03-06Fair Tax Webinar Comments
Nate2008-02-24#4 Baby! Comments
Nate2008-02-01NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Comments
Nate2007-10-15Back from Knob Creek Comments
Nate2007-10-08October Match. Comments
Nate2007-10-01IT'S BACK!!! Comments
Nate2007-09-21A good day for Richard Paey Comments
Nate2007-09-02September Match Comments
Nate2007-08-31Attorney General Comparison Comments
Nate2007-08-06USPSA Match Comments
Nate2007-08-03Update on dead terror suspect. Comments
Nate2007-06-26Sad news. Comments
Nate2007-04-24Help Me Understand Comments
Nate2007-04-10Another story from Eurabia. Comments
Nate2007-03-30It took some doing... Comments
Nate2007-03-12Finally DONE!!! Comments
Nate2007-02-06Well, I'm off Comments
Nate2006-12-12Christianity meets Grand Theft Auto Comments
Nate2006-12-06HOW DID I MISS THIS??? Comments
Nate2006-11-13New Bathroom Floor Comments
Nate2006-04-15Yesterday's Storm Comments
Nate2006-04-12Well at least someone out there is thinking. Comments
Nate2006-02-28Freedom of Speech at college? Comments
Nate2006-02-24Basic truths about Jack Bauer Comments
Nate2006-02-17Prostitution legal for police Comments
Nate2006-02-09OUTRAGED MUSLIMS! OH MY! Comments
Nate2006-01-25What was it that Hillary Clinton said? Comments
Nate2005-12-0950/50 Chance? Comments
Nate2005-12-02But I don't smoke... Comments
Nate2005-12-01Tomas Sowell's random thoughts Comments
Nate2005-11-03A Lesson from the Talkmaster himself. Comments
Nate2005-10-28Wrong time of year. Comments
Nate2005-10-27Poor little piggies. Comments
Nate2005-10-26Just in time for Halloween Comments
Nate2005-10-13Unintended consequences? Comments
Nate2005-10-11A FUNDAMENTAL right? Comments
Nate2005-10-07Wacky Mother Nature. Comments
Nate2005-10-06Could this be a new sport? Comments
Nate2005-10-05No fat...really? Comments
Nate2005-10-01It's for the children... Comments
Nate2005-09-30More wacky Statues Comments
Nate2005-09-29This is a sad...sad story. Comments
Nate2005-09-08Wow I have been saying this for about a week. Comments
Nate2005-08-22Nothing can go wrong here. Comments
Nate2005-08-17Scary or cool? Comments
Nate2005-08-11Its fun to be a smart ass 
Nate2005-08-10Skill or Luck? 
Nate2005-08-09America needs a big chill pill 
Nate2005-07-28Back Alley Waxing? 
Nate2005-07-22Capitalism or big-money socialism? 
Nate2005-07-21The difference between us and them ... 
Nate2005-07-14Stupidest game ever!!! 
Nate2005-06-22The wage gap? 
Nate2005-06-21Better be careful Ben. 
Nate2005-06-16Click it or Ticket 
Nate2005-06-13Mother of the year. 
Nate2005-06-10And some people want to raise taxes? 
Nate2005-06-09Proof of the end of the world. 
Nate2005-06-02The Commencement Speech You'll Never Hear 
Nate2005-06-01A 21st centruy chastity belt 
Nate2005-05-24Want to feel good about yourself? 
Nate2005-04-28Gun-seizure bill a tribute to slain officer. 
Nate2005-04-19Good old Uncle Ted. 
Nate2005-04-15Tax Time. 
Nate2005-03-30Some people shouldn't be cops. 
Nate2005-03-25Todays News 
Nate2005-03-11Tisk Tisk Tisk 
Nate2005-03-07News that makes you wonder. 
Nate2005-02-24I'm not not licking toads. 
Nate2005-02-23You're breaking up I can't hear you...Hello? Hello? 
Nate2005-02-16Sometimes even I don't know what to think. 
Nate2005-02-07You have got to be kidding me. 
Nate2005-02-03What is this world coming to. 
Nate2005-02-01News from Nate. 
Nate2005-01-27Stories like this make me smile 
Nate2005-01-19Dear Alberto Gonzales...KISS MY ASS!!! 
Nate2005-01-19Dear FBI...KISS MY ASS! 
Nate2005-01-15I am not even going to comment on this one. 
Nate2005-01-12Think, somehow you too are a social victim 
Nate2005-01-10ACLU Argues For A Stay 
Nate2005-01-06It is a sad...sad day. 
Nate2004-11-29I have been wondering about this myself. 
Nate2004-11-24Personal privacy is a thing of the past. 
Nate2004-11-10I ask you, who is the victim here? 
Nate2004-11-08Kerry met with terrorists in Paris. 
Nate2004-11-01Scammer get scammed 
Nate2004-10-20Elk in Indiana? 
Nate2004-10-06Dang! And I was just putting the finishing touches on my Menards built shuttle. 
Nate2004-10-06I know this barley qualifies as news, but I told Ben I would try to get some news up. 
Nate2004-08-05Illinois GOP offers Senate nod to Alan Keyes 
Nate2004-07-27Big-hearted Biker 
Nate2004-07-09Property rights in America just a joke? 
Nate2004-07-08Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? 
Nate2004-07-06Despite what the NY Post would lead you to believe... 
Nate2004-06-21Dang someone beat us to it. 
Nate2004-05-25Does this seem like a bad idea to any one else? 
Nate2004-05-08Steak 'n Shake 
Nate2004-05-05no subject 
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