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I tend to read too many left-leaning blogs. Since such blogs are (so I've been told) not the place for opposing viewpoints, I'll post them here.

Al has been tearing into the Bush Administration's scientific record.

Yes. Their record on science.


Kids! There are plenty of vastly more important things to criticise the Bush administration on than where he believes life begins.

For one, you could point out that he signed a blatantly unConstitutional limitation on the First Amendment in the Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002. But that was "bipartisan", which means that the thugs on both sides of the aisle wanted it.

Bush's Statement made before signing the bill even brings up Constitutional concerns on First Amendment grounds. So does he throw it back at Congress? Nope. He puts pen to paper and gleefully signs it.

Bush has screwed up in ways far more interesting and important than his scientific failures.

Plus, the CFRA inspired all sorts of good quotes like:

"[...] we have two important values in direct conflict: freedom of speech and our desire for healthy campaigns in a healthy democracy. You can't have both."
Dick Gephardt, (D) MO

So much for the Democrats working to protect the First Amendment. Turns out we can either be free or Democrat. Heh.

(Though, the Repubs haven't done much for us lately ...)

PS. This isn't just my soapbox. I welcome opposing viewpoints.
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