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I got this in my email. The prices are different from what I'd heard.
From: ********
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Sent: Fri 6/30/2006 12:20 PM
Subject: Firearm Application Changes


Changes coming
to gun applications

By CHRIS MEYERS - The Columbia City Post & Mail

Staff writer

Starting July 1 there will be some changes coming to applications and fees for a permit to carry a gun.

These changes affect both the traditional four-year carry permit and the newly-created lifetime carry permit.

The four-year permit will now cost $40, with $10 being for the application and $30 going toward state fees.

A lifetime permit for someone who does not have a current license will cost $125, with $50 going toward the application and $75 for the state fees.

For those who already have a valid permit, the lifetime permit will cost $100, with $40 for the application and $60 for the state fees.

The application process is still the same for both permits with the addition of a supplemental application that must also be completed.

Instead of just having to have a copy of the applicant's fingerprints from one hand being on the back of the permit, there will have to be a full set of fingerprints on an official finger print card.

The application, supplemental and fingerprint card will be given to applicants when they apply for a permit.

Any renewals will now only be accepted 180 days before the expiration of a permit up to the day before expiration.

Anyone with any questions about these new policies should call Gina Kessinger at the Columbia City Police Department at 248-5121 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. during the week.

Eric Holcomb
Director, Intergovernmental Affairs
Governor Mitch Daniels

Well, $100 isn't too bad.

I'm doing it ASAP.
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