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In Israel today, a suicide-bomber murdered nine people. The apparent member of Islamic Jihad blew himself up at a restaraunt during the peak travel time for the Jewish Passover Holy Day.

For the first time that I'm aware of, the Palastinian Authority actually condemned an attack on Israelis.

Sort of.

President Mahmoud Abbas had a lackey come out and say "Hey, killing innocents ain't cool, guys." A Palastinian actually saying that murdering innocent Israelis is a bad thing? Very interesting. These Palestinians might actually be developing a nearly-civilized sense of morals!

Not so fast.

In the recent elections, Hamas took control of the already corrupt PA and their official response was a bit more traditional.
A Hamas spokesman, in an interview with Al-Jazeera television, described Monday's attack as an "act of self-defense" against the Israeli occupation.

Hey numbskull! That kind of nonsense didn't play well when the Israelis were actually occupying the "Palestinian" territories. Now that Israel has withdrawn and let the Palestinians have at it on their own, this nonsense is even more rediculous. (I hesitate to even say "Palestinian" territories, because no one calls the southwestern states "Mexican" territories - except for maybe the racist proponents of La Raza's conquest of Aztlan.)

And for the last bloody time, the unprovoked, wholesale butchery of complete strangers based solely on their nationality or religion is not "self-defense", it is murder.

If you don't quite grasp the definition of "self-defense", I hope someone explains it to you. If they happen clarify with a burst of rifle fire, so much the better.

Every time one of these attacks occurs and I hear some Palastinian bleating about how Israel has no right to exist and about pushing the Jew into the Sea, I confess that my eyes squint a bit and I consider the old axiom that turnabout is fair play. If that's true ...

Nah, that would be easy and the easy thing is rarely the right thing.

In what was reported to be the year's first suicide bombing in Israel, a bomber attacked the same falafel restaurant on January 19. Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld confirmed Monday's attack occurred at that eatery.

If you owned that particular falafel stand, might you consider retirement?
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