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Nate called me today to tell me to check my door. I checked it and sure enough, we had received a nastygram stating that we had failed to pay our rent on time and that we were being assessed a $45 late fee. It went on to say that if the rent was not paid by 9:00am on Friday, April 14, 2006 they'd send their legal hounds after me and charge me an additional $220.00.

After a moment of self-doubt, I remembered that I had paid the rent, darn it. I went ahead and printed out the canceled check and marched over to the clubhouse.

I came through the door raising two sheets of paper and immediately Missy and the other chick who works up front looked up from their own massive pile of papers on the ground and said in unison:

"You're paid, it's okay."

Ooops. Apparently they had forgotten to send some deposit slips to the central office. After a brief discussion about their massive screwup and whether or not I could start paying sixty-some dollars less than I have been paying (I couldn't) I signed up for another 13 months here. It's a decent place. I want to get into a house sometime soon, but it'll have to wait until we've banked a little more cash.
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