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The detective goes in, hires a prostitute to service him, enjoys himself, leaves her a $350 tip and then they worry about arresting people. Can't settle for prostitution conviction, they have to get that sodomy charge! And of course he's got to ... er, finish ... first. Apparently oral sex in Virginia can result in a felony conviction, whereas prostitution is a mere misdemeanor. Very interesting.

In Spotsylvania, cops can pay for sex - even "deviant" sexual activities that would result in a felony conviction for anyone else. What's more, they can do it on the clock and get a commendation for it. Real slick, guys. Real slick.

The sheriff compared it to drug buys. Not in my book. The typical arrests for prostitution require only that the prostitute agree to sex for money. That's like a drug buy. Screwing the prostitute before worrying about arresting her is like buying some cocaine from a dealer, doing a bump and then arresting him.
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