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Source with a first hand account, videos and lots of links - check down at the bottom for news reports.

Basically, the situation was a bunch of people who like Techno music wanted to get together and have a party. Thinking they'd do things legally, they got all the permits they needed (or that they knew they needed, anyway) and took out a $2,000,000 insurance policy. They notified ambulances to be on hand in case of an injury and went about confiscating any illicit drugs that their security could find.

The cops decided they needed an additional permit (one that allows more than 250 people to gather in one place - even on private property) and came in with a helicopter and a bunch of toops dressed like they were going to war. These officers told everyone to leave or they'd be thrown in jail. There are a number of accounts of police taking cameras from people who were recording the raid but there is a video here if you'd like to see the start of the raid. Police report that they found a bunch of illegal drugs (and they charged the security guards who had been confiscating drugs with possession) and arrested a few people.

Some people are complaining that the ravers were treated with unnecessary force - and that the raid was illegal in the first place because the promoter had obtained the required permits. Others are saying that the raid was a good thing because the ravers were a danger to themselves and others and that the correct permits were not obtained.

What are your thoughts on this? I'm going to withhold mine for the time being.
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