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I'm attending the IndyWorks Town Hall meeting today and it has been extremely interesting. For all the talk on either side, few people want to discuss actual numbers.

I think the reason for that is that no one is truly sure what exactly will happen if IndyWorks is passed.

The arguments for IndyWorks seem to center around standardization, cost savings through increasing purchasing power and getting rid of redundancies.

The arguments against it are generally that the Mayor didn't consult anyone outside his own staff and Union officials. Also, they're concerned with it as a power grab - taking authority away from townships. Moreover, they're not sure it will actually save as much as the Mayor claims.

I tend to side with the Republicans on this - it needs to be studied more than it has been. I think it needs to be considered openly - not behind closed doors.

It kind of makes me nervous that the Firefighter's Union is so supportive of this. Unions never want to lay anyone off - ever. How can redundancy be removed if the number of firemen isn't reduced?

The meeting just finished ... anyway, it was very interesting.
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