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Indiana governor Mitch Daniels (R) has proposed a one year, 1% tax increase on households earning over $100,000.

Government raising taxes is nothing new, but listening to allegedly "conservative" Republican defenders (namely Greg Garrison on WIBC 1070) adopt "liberal" Democrat arguments just because the guy who is increasing taxes is in their party. Seriously ... if a Democrat were to say "transfer the burden to those more able to shoulder it" or "raise taxes on the wealthy because the poor are too taxed already" the Republicans would be up in arms about socialists and big government and nanny-states. When a Republican does it? It just makes sense.

Hypocrites. They're the same thing with different names.

I happened to listen to Rush Limbaugh later on. The idiot told a caller that people seek freedom as a natural state. WRONG. People seek security. They seek security through different paths - many as followers, some as leaders. Some seek security through freedom. He then went on to say that no people have ever knowingly voted themselves into tyranny. I started yelling about Germany in the thirties, so he said "Germany? Oh, but they didn't know they were voting themselves into tyranny." No spit, Sherlock. They were voting themselves security - not freedom. Security in the form of Nationalism, which lead to tyranny.

I'm getting sick of politics altogether.
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