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[Ben]:377 tons of missing explosives No discussion found
I've refrained from commenting on this for a bit. I wanted to read up on it more and see if any facts came out.

If you buy Kerry's line (as too many folks appear to be doing), Bush personally told the soldiers guarding the Al-Qaqaa plant to hand out explosives to every Iraqi terrorist and child. Indeed, to sell them to terrorists around the world and stick the money in Haliburton's pocket.

Kerry and the masses of anti-Bush folks - which I generally, sadly have to count myself among - have gone out of their way to blow this thing up way larger than it should be(no pun intended).

So what's my beef?

I don't care what Kerry says, moving 377 tons of explosives is just not like moving into an apartment - you need more than a couple of trucks, a case of beer and some friends. You need serious trucks, special loading equipment and trained drivers. Even if the US troops are as incompetant as Kerry and friends will have you believe, it simply wouldn't be possible for the Iraqis to move that much of anything from a concentrated site with 24/7 arial and satallite surveilance. I'd believe 10 tons, but don't wave 377 tons from one site and expect me to buy it.

The IAEA waited until now to bring this to the UN's attention. Why the wait? New Pentagon photos show trucks at the site before the invasion - could IAEA be lying to cover up their own failures?

I haven't changed my mind about the war - I think it was a waste of our resources, I think it's been a waste of lives and I think the objective - while admirable - is essentially not worth my tax dollars. It's just disheartening to me to see so many people eating this BS tale up and holding it as proof of Bush's incompetance.

Hearing leftists tell the story EVERYTHING Bush does is bad - just like hearing some republicans talk, everything Clinton did was towards the end of enslaving the world. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who didn't like the war for reasons other than the party of the man who launched it.


I don't get to go to the gunshow today. That makes me irritable.
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