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I have only a dim idea of who Tyler Perry is, but I happened to read a news article which said essentially that Tyler Perry made a dangerous and illegal turn (which was taught to him by his security detail in order to see if someone is following him) and predictably got pulled over by a couple of cops. When the cops asked him why he made such a turn, he replied that his security team told him to do that in order to ensure no one was following him. One cop questioned why he would need to play James Bond, and the other noticed that his windows were illegally over-tinted.

With me so far? He breaks the law, gets pulled over by a couple of cops who don't know who he is, and the cops notice that he broke another law.

Then another cop - this one who knows who Mr. Perry is - fills in his melanin-challenged compadres that they had a real-live Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am on their hands. One of the cops came back and - according to Mr. Perry - was very apologetic. No word on whether he was cited, but I'm guessing not.

So, celeb breaks the law, gets pulled over and - maybe cited, maybe not - and goes home with an apology, right?

Wrong. What we have here - again, according to Mr. Perry - is racial profiling. A couple of white cops spotted a black man (through heavily tinted windows?) and unjustly pulled him over for illegally making a left turn from the far right lane then made noises about his window tint. What, was the window too black for you, officer? When they found out he has boatloads of cash actually had the racist nerve to apologize.

How dare they?
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