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It is always fun to walk out to your car and see that you have a totally flat tire. Sometimes it can be hard to determine why that tire was flat. Other times ...

I've changed a few flats in my time, so it wasn't really that big of a deal to drop the full-size spare and start jacking up the car. Unfortunately I didn't have the floor jack that I stole from my dad a few years ago, so I was forced to use the scissor jack that came with my Explorer. Halfway through using it I was ready to sing its praises. It was easy to find the lift point, turned easy and was apparently doing a great job in lifting the car. The design seemed to be fantastic. The scissor jack itself is actuated by two rods that snap together. One has a hook on the end that fits into the jack, and the other side has a square peg that fits into a square hole on the lug wrench. Well, the hole was formerly square:

The thin, mild steel of the lug wrench rounded out and I was forced to jack the car up the last few inches with a pair of pliers clamped onto the end of the extension rod. I was Not Happy. I now have a brand-new scissor jack that will hopefully not have the same problems.

Also, $9.50<$95.00 - I'm glad I was able to have the tire repaired.
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