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O teh noez! Pigs have conspired to kill us all! The birds gave it their best go, but now the pigs are going to do it for real!

Or maybe not.

People are going to climb into their cars and drive to the hardware store to pick up dust masks (which will do absolutely nothing to prevent virus contamination, by the way) because they're freaked out about a few flu deaths. Does that strike anyone as bizarre? They are more at risk to die from a car accident than the latest scary flu strain, yet ... wow.

Look, this may yet turn out to be as bad as everyone is claiming, but I haven't heard any hard numbers that are scary. People seem to be forgetting that tens of thousands of people die from the flu every year in the US alone. Somewhere between 7 and 150 worldwide over the span of a few weeks is not very scary at all.

I've had a post rattling around in my head for a few months about the "stimulus" bill, but I haven't gotten around to actually writing it. It doesn't really matter anymore but I think I should put it down sooner rather than later.
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