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Freaking awesome. Another Obama-nominated tax cheat.

Not nearly as bad this time - just under $1,000.00 and most of that is penalties for not paying. Even with this relatively tiny bit of unpaid tax, Mrs. Nancy Killefer (nominated for the first chief performance officer spot) has dropped her candidacy. That in itself is a little strange ... dropping out over a thousand bucks when another appointee had 128 times that amount of unpaid taxes and is hanging on? Bizarre.

I did hear an amusing saying making the rounds: "No wonder liberals don't care about high taxes; they don't pay 'em."

Update: Thanks to Nate passing along a message from his buddy Tommy D, we now know that Daschle has fallen on his sword. Figuratively, of course. He's removed his name from consideration.

The fact that not even these wealthy, intelligent people, who can afford the best accountants, can figure out how much taxes they should pay merely underscores how broken our tax code is.
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