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I took pictures, but they'll have to wait. Basic instructions follow.

1 Non-stick skillet
1 Plastic turner

Butter or non-stick spray
2 eggs
Shredded cheddar cheese (amount varies based on taste)
Salt (preferably Kosher Salt)

Optional: Franks Red-Hot sauce

1. Place non-stick skillet on the oven on medium-low heat.
2. Add small amount of butter to barely cover the bottom of the pan, or spray with non-stick spray.
3. Let butter melt and salt the bottom of the pan.
4. Carefully break eggs and drop into skillet.
5. Let the eggs cook enough to flip them and add salt and pepper. You can also add Franks Red Hot sauce now. If you like well-done eggs, let it cook a little longer at this step.
6. Use your turner to cut the eggs apart, then flip them.
7. Immediately pile a small amount of shredded cheese on each of the eggs.
8. Let cook for a few seconds, then flip so that the cheese begins to cook and add cheese to the other side.
9. Let cook for a little bit, then turn again.

The goal is to cook the cheese enough to make it a crispy shell, not unlike that on a chupaqueso.

You can also add finely chopped vegetables or meats (anything you'd put into an omelet) into the cheese crust.

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