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Yesterday I posted about a license to own a pistol applied for by one of Cara's great-grandpas on her mother's side. Her grandpa on her father's side, kept extremely meticulous records. I've uploaded a selection of pictures taken of some of the documents we went through recently.

Instruction Manual for a Ford Model A

Letter from the White House during Johnson's administration
Cara's grandma was writing about Johnson's position on the legislation that became "The Gun Control Act of 1968"

WWII Propaganda Poster drawn by Cara's Grandpa
Grandpa C worked on the C-47 aircraft and we think he drew this to encourage people to ensure they were using the right rivets for the right job.

German Copier Instructions

Selective Service Classification Cards
Because of his work on the C-47 project during WWII, Grandpa C was classified as ineligible for the draft variously as 2-A (Registrant deferred in support of the national interest), 2-B (Registrant deferred in war production) and 4-A (Registrant who has completed military service).

WWII Mileage Ration Stamps

There are hundreds of other items as well, but that's a quick sample. It offers a fascinating glimpse into times gone by.
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