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I have a confession to make. I like a Bigbucks froo-froo coffee drink.

See, the Bigbucks coffee chain labels a bottled version of their frappuccino drink which is produced by PepsiCo that I really like. I've had the version they serve at Bigbucks and don't like it nearly as much as the bottled version - go figure. I know that it isn't really coffee and that it makes me less of a man to enjoy, but it is darn tasty when served very cold. It's a bit like chocolate milk, and I really like chocolate milk.

The downside is that like all other products with a Bigbucks logo (including water during an emergency) the bottled frappuccinos are way too expensive. However, if you look up the ingredients (or just check the label), it's essentially coffee, milk and sugar.

"Hey," says I, "I have ready and immediate access to coffee, milk and sugar. What prevents me from brewing up a batch of coffee, adding milk and sugar and enjoying?"

Nothing, that's what.

I checked online for some recipes and sure enough found one that worked okay. Their concoction was really for the blended version, not the bottled version and called for 1 cup of extremely strong coffee, 1 cup milk and 3 tablespoons of sugar blended with 2 cups of ice.

I tried it, and it was good if a little too sweet. Using the 1:1 coffee/milk ration and cutting it back to 2 tablespoons of sugar was much better. I put together 64 ounces worth of the drink for just over a dollar (most of the cost was in milk). I think I could trim down the amount of milk and the coffee flavor would come through a little more. Maybe even a little less sugar.

My latest recipe is as follows:
Brew coffee using twice as much coffee as you would regularly use for the amount of water.
Let coffee cool for a bit.
For every 1 cup of coffee, mix 3/4ths cup of milk and 1.5 tablespoons of sugar. Mix well and chill overnight.
Serve cold with a few ice cubes.
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