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Well, I have an iPhone now.

I admit, I wasn't smitten with them. They're neat toys, but too expensive for me to justify buying. On the other hand, if one is given to me, I won't turn it down.

Apparently there was a time period when the iPhone was the Big Thing that companies were passing the relatively cheap 4 gig model out like candy with videos and contact lists and so forth. Since my boss had already purchased an 8 gig model for his own use, he ended up with two extra 4 gig models just sitting in his desk and car.

Yesterday at a meeting, a co-worker leaned over to my boss and asked him - half in jest - to buy him an iPhone. My boss ran out to his car and gave him one that had a slightly messed up screen (which was fixed within a few hours at the local Apple store) and today walked in and gave me the other one. This one was an American Express Plum Card special edition and was missing a few accessories. So, if I can convince AT&T to let me re-activate it on my own account, I'll have a new iPhone.

Should be worth every penny I didn't have to pay.
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