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The server has been up and down more times than a Bangkok ... yo-yo. Thankfully this was due to a disconnected cable at the service provider and not a serious server problem.

It would have been fixed sooner, but my efforts have been directed towards fixing a mission critical server at work. Priorities and all that. Didn't get home until 5:45am or so this morning and I'm back at it again. Nasty, nasty RAID and NTFS blowup.

Anyway, last night (before I went back to work) I went with Cara to a "holiday" party that her boss was hosting. For those of you who don't know, she works for a local stage and sound firm. We had some delicious food and I met some very interesting people. The best part of the evening was when Tobias, the lead vocalist from Raging Vegas and a few other professional musicians sat down and had a jam session. It is simply amazing what some of those guys can do with a guitar. Tobias was a pretty decent guy, too.
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