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Yesterday, Nate and I went out to Serenity Valley in part so I could try my new sight.

At first I was very upset. The optic would die after just a couple of shots because the battery would jar loose. This would mean I'd have to unbolt the sight, unscrew the battery compartment, fiddle around until it worked again and then reattach it - completely screwing up any adjustments I'd made.

Mr. Haas suggested that I put a little bit of aluminum foil on top of the battery to help keep it seated. I wadded up a handful and hammered it in, then cinched the cover back on. After that I had no problems.

The backup iron sights weren't perfect, but they'd work in a pinch. I think if I were going to suggest others do it, I'd work out the proper dimensions and suggest a custom sight. Mounting it forward seems to change the POI beyond the adjustable range of the sight.
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