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Today I received a new optic for my AR and mounted it tonight. Unfortunately it doesn't play well with the rear sight I've got on there, so I had to get creative. Take a gander.

I haven't tested it yet, but we'll see how (and if) it works soon. The iron sight seems to cowitness reasonably well with the optic, but of course neither is sighted in at the moment.

I've never seen anyone with sights mounted like this, but given the fact that I couldn't mount it at all the other way, it seems to make a little bit of sense. Consider, the primary sight on the gun will be the holosight. The iron sights can serve as a backup if things go bad with the primary sight. Thus, having the rear sight mounted forward keeps it out of the way when I need to manipulate the holosight, and (if I can get everything to work correctly) I will still be able to use the iron sights when necessary, although the decreased sight radius will limit their precision.
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