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I woke this morning at exactly 0300 for no apparent reason. It isn't like I was half awake and went back to sleep - I was three-cups-of-coffee-and-an-ice-cold-shower awake. There was no chance getting back to sleep any time soon. Bizarre. I must have been dreaming about an intruder, because I couldn't help but think that someone else was in the house. After a quick look-see and a drink, I went back upstairs and tried to get some work done. Unfortunately I had completed all the work I had lined up for that weekend and ended up mostly piddling around the 'net a bit.

As I tend to do, I eventually started feeling sleepy around the time I should be getting up and ready to go. I wasn't late for work, but I sure tried. After finally getting myself going, I went out and started my car. For those of you who don't know, my home is on a corner lot that happens to be a rather active school bus stop. Several parents had driven their children out to the stop and parked inconveniently around and about the intersection. As I was backing out of my driveway I saw another boy walking out of his home not too far from my own. I made a mental note of him so as to not run him down when I went by his house, then I turned my attention to weaving around the parked parents. After I cleared the last minivan, I noticed that the boy I had seen earlier was spread full-length in the middle of the wet road. Being the concerned fellow that I am, I prepared to stop and render whatever aid I could ... until the little guy crab-walked out of the road far enough to let me pass. After I drove by he returned to his previous location.


I arrived at work and called up the title company that we closed with about some unpaid taxes on our home that they were supposed to have taken care of. They claimed that they had paid it and eventually I was able to get through to the Treasurer and she was able to verify that it had been paid on time. Well then why did you send the nastygram, Amy?

Everything is going nicely at work and then I notice that the house across the street from my office is on fire. This is not as great a surprise as it might have been. The fire department spent most of a week or so prepping two houses and a business for training fires. They had already pulled the shingles off, marked windows and so forth. This is not the first training fire I've gotten to see. But I'm sure when it really starts to go we won't get much work done.

Maybe it is just me, but today just seems like an odd day.
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