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Those of you who know me know that I'm a natural skeptic. That weakness makes me a natural sucker for folks who say "Don't believe me, believe the evidence."

That's exactly what Steorn has been saying about their "revolutionary new technology" that supposedly "produces free, clean and constant energy". Unfortunately, their evidence is supposedly being examined behind closed doors by independent scientists. Until these scientists publish their results, we don't have anything to go by.

So when Steorn decided that they would set up a developer's club for their new technology, I decided to see if I could get an inside scoop and applied. Tomorrow they're making a press release on the subject and maybe I'll find out if I was accepted.

I know what you're thinking. "So what, Ben? Every week someone comes out with their own perpetual motion, overunity, magnet motor doohickey that will supposedly provide unlimited free energy and it always turns out to be a hoax, fraud or similarly untrue statement."

The only things that make Steorn different at this point are that:
1. They aren't asking for money from the public.
2. They aren't accepting new investors.
3. They claim to be paying for - at their own expense - twelve scientists to independently verify the technology.
4. They are an existing company that has something to lose by making a false claim.
5. They launched their publicity campaign by taking out a full page ad in the Economist.

Now, these folks may well be charlatans and are simply waiting for the right time to strike, but - for now anyway - their mantra is "Don't believe me, believe the evidence."

That works for me. Now let's see the evidence.
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