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A long time ago, Nate and Beth gave us a TV that they were replacing. It wasn't functional, but I was told that I could have it if I wanted to try to get it working. The problem was that the co-ax input connector had broken loose and you could no longer hook up an antenna or cable for input. Using crude tools and techniques, I got it working but it didn't last long. It wasn't more than a couple of months before the connector on the back broke loose again and we relegated it to decorative status in the other bedroom.

This past Sunday I decided to fix it. I made a quick run to Menards for supplies (at a total cost of $6.00) and got to work.

I can solder a joint well enough, but I'm no TV expert so I learned a lot. For instance, I learned that the things you would least expect to carry a current oftentimes do.

Anyway, I got the TV back up and running and the hardest part was hacksawing through a washer without any way to securely grip it. I need a workshop with a vise.
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