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2016-04-07Happy Birthday Peyton!
2016-01-10Happy birthday Cara!
2016-01-03Happy Birthday Michael!
2015-12-15Happy birthday Beth!!!
2015-11-27A little better picture of can almost see the abundant energy this dog has in this picture.
2015-11-26Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Things I am thankful for...My new K9 partner Edo.
2015-11-25Our first egg! I figure this egg cost me about $1000.00
2015-11-23Happy Birthday Ben!
2015-11-21Happy Anniversary Michael and Therese! We all wish you many more happy years.
2015-09-24Happy Anniversary Nate & Beth!!! Hard to believe it has been 10 years already.
2015-08-05This was one of our first purchases. They actually arrived the day we officially moved in (after being lost for 1 day by USPS).
2015-08-03Done! Now the real work begins. (Note we have actually been in the house a little over a month, but with moving in and all the little projects that came up I didn't keep up with the POD).
2015-07-31Step #51 (Sorry for the long delay I have been very busy lately)
2015-07-03Happy Anniversary Ben & Cara! Hard to believe it has been 10 years.
2015-06-25Step #50
2015-06-14Step #49
2015-06-13Step #48
2015-06-12Step #47
2015-06-11Step #46
2015-06-10Step #45
2015-06-09Step #44
2015-05-31Step #43
2015-05-30Step #42
2015-05-29Happy Birthday Therese!!!
2015-05-27Step #41
2015-05-23Step #40
2015-05-21Step #39
2015-05-19Step #38
2015-05-18Happy birthday Nate!
2015-05-16Step #37
2015-05-13Step #36
2015-05-11Step #35
2015-05-01Step #34
2015-04-29Step #33
2015-04-27Step #32
2015-04-23Step #31
2015-04-21Step #30
2015-04-20Step #29
2015-04-17Step #28
2015-04-15Step #27 (Had to make sure it worked...or just gave me an excuse to play with fire)
2015-04-09Step #26
2015-04-07Happy First Birthday Peyton!
2015-04-06Step #25
2015-03-29William P. Brading 1949-2015 You will be greatly missed.
2015-03-28Step #24
2015-03-26Step #23
2015-03-13Step #22
2015-03-07Step #21
2015-03-05Step #20
2015-03-03Step #19
2015-02-28Step #18
2015-02-24Step #17
2015-02-18Step #16
2015-02-16Step #15
2015-02-12Step #14
2015-02-09Step #13
2015-02-07Step #12 (Temporary power meter)
2015-02-01Step #11
2015-01-27Step #10
2015-01-24Step #9
2015-01-16Step #8
2015-01-10Happy Birthday Cara! Hope your big birthday weekend is a blast!
2015-01-05Step #7 (lots of water in the basement...I hope that isn't a trend)
2015-01-03Let's take a break to wish Michael a very Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful New Year and and great day today.
2015-01-01Step #6...and Happy New Year!
2014-12-20Step #5
2014-12-18Step #4
2014-12-15After many weather and permitting delays...Step #3. Also Happy Birthday Beth!
2014-11-25Number 4 for the season!
2014-11-23Happy Birthday Ben!
2014-11-19I had a pretty good opening day of trapping season.
2014-11-16Congratulations Ben!
2014-11-10Step #2 (Kinda hard to see the posts in the background...just the way I like it).
2014-10-31Step #1
2014-10-24Happy Birthday Adelle!
2014-09-24Happy Anniversary Nate & Beth!!!
2014-07-24Ben's first catfish, sadly the only notable catch of the evening.
2014-07-19The fair is a time to see things you don't usally see. For example Adelle got to pet a turkey on a leash.
2014-07-17Ben's second (and much nicer) bass!
2014-07-15Ben's first bass!
2014-07-05It has been a rough week for Indiana Law Enforcement. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the agencies who lost officers in the line of duty. R.I.P. brothers. We will take it from here.
2014-07-03Happy Anniversary you two!
2014-05-18Happy birthday Nate!
2014-04-07Happy Birthday Peyton Hibschman!!! 7lbs 5ozs 20" healthy adorable little girl.
2014-02-14Now I love winter and snow, but even I am over it this year.
2014-02-03The deep snow actually made it easier to keep away from her because she would get bogged down...then again so would I.
2014-02-01The snow is almost all gone now, but when it was really deep Kimber loved playing in it.
2014-01-10Happy Birthday Cara!!!
2014-01-03Happy Birthday Michael!
2013-12-26Well, its December 26th...time for the tree to come down.
2013-12-25Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
2013-12-15Happy Birthday Beth!!!
2013-12-12Remember that even with as cold as it has been, pond ice is not safe ice.
2013-11-28Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone is enjoying their time with friends and family today.
2013-11-23Happy Birthday Ben!!!
2013-11-12Last weekend was perfect bonfire weather.
2013-11-11Happy Veteran's Day! Thanks to all who served and also those who are currently serving.
2013-10-24Happy birthday Adelle!
2013-09-30My latest toy. I don't know why but I have always wanted a kayak, and whilethe pond isn't very big it's still fun to just play around.
2013-09-27Beth and I have been together for 14 years, and married for 8. One of our first vacations just the 2 of us to Colorado Springs.
2013-09-26In honor of Officer Bradway we wear the black band until sundown on the day of his funeral. F348 you have answered your final call and are 10-42 for the final time. Godspeed brother we will take it from here. EOW 09/20/2013
2013-09-25Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Bradway's family and also with his IMPD family. F348 - EOW 09/20/2013
2013-09-24Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Bradway's family and also with his IMPD family. F348 - EOW 09/20/2013
2013-09-23Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Bradway's family and also with his IMPD family. F348 - EOW 09/20/2013
2013-09-22Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Bradway's family and also with his IMPD family. F348 - EOW 09/20/2013
2013-09-21Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Bradway's family and also with his IMPD family. F348 - EOW 09/20/2013
2013-09-20Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Bradway's family and also with his IMPD family.
2013-09-19Beth caught several bluegill in a very short period of time. This is her best one.
2013-09-18The first actual fish I caught in our pond! Completely by accident actually I was showing Beth were to cast to not get our lines tangled. I ended up casting on the wrong side of a downed tree and immediately caught a fish.
2013-09-16Beth and I had a good day fishing in our pond yesterday. I finally caught something after hours of trying, but it wasn't a fish. It was a very upset snapping turtle. Look closely in the center you can see its open mouth.
2013-09-13Today would be a great day for lounging around in a hammock. It might be just a little on the chilly side so take a blanket too.
2013-09-11Never forget.
2013-09-10So true.
2013-08-13Happy Anniversay Evan and Chantelle! Looking forward to coming down to see you guys soon.
2013-07-03Happy Anniversary Ben and Cara! Hard to believe it has been 8 years.
2013-06-03This was taken on the first day. With the humidity it didn't take long for me to get over the whole pants and socks thing.
2013-06-02Beth arriving safely at one of the 14 canopy platforms.
2013-05-31Beth and I just got back from a wonderful time in Costa Rica. One of the more interesting things we did while we were there was go on a zip-line canopy tour. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly Beth enjoyed herself too!
2013-05-18Happy Birthday Nate! Ride 'em cowboy!
2013-05-14Happy Birthday Evan! Hope you enjoy your day off.
2013-05-11For those of you who don't know Beth and I just bought some land outside of Danville. This is something that Ben and I found while exploring the land.
2013-05-09Happy Birthday Chantelle! We really need some more pictures of you I keep having to use this one.
2013-05-01Look what Uncle Dave gave me. I get some of the coolest stuff from Uncle Dave.
2013-04-15Boo, Tax Day!
2013-03-25Took advantage of a unique opportunity and went sledding at the end of March. Good times were had by all!
2013-01-10Happy birthday Cara!
2013-01-03Happy Birthday Michael! Have a wonderful day.
2012-12-28*Teary Eyed* God Bless The USA!
2012-12-25Merry Christmas from the Hibschman Family!
2012-12-15Happy Birthday Beth! Thank you for another wonderful year.
2012-11-26The whole family gets to enjoy the bed when Daddy has to stay up late to prepare for work (FYI Beth was not happy with me coming in to take that picture in the wee hours of the morning. Who could have guessed that would get me in trouble?).
2012-11-23Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you have a wonderful day.
2012-11-22Happy Thanksgiving! Remember what you are thankful for today even if it is something as simple as a pig's ear.
2012-11-06Did you? There were several people in line that I wanted to walk up to and say "No...just, no." It will be an interesting night.
2012-11-01Well that was exhausting. Thank goodness that is over with. Incidentally if there were 32 days in October 10-32 is gun. Now don't expect a new POD from me until mid March.
2012-10-3110-31 - Crime in progress
2012-10-3010-30 - Illegal use of radio (I was going to have an adorable picture of Adelle holding my radio, but I guess police radios are a "No Touch")
2012-10-2910-29 - Check records for wanted. (I can tell you now there will be a warrant hit. The charge? Exceeding the maximum legal level of cuteness...and we have the math to back that up!)
2012-10-2810-28 - Vehicle registration information
2012-10-2710-27 - Drivers livense information (Pretty sure you need a special endorcement for this)
2012-10-2610-26 - Detaining subject, expedite.
2012-10-2510-25 - There is no 10-25 and this picture of Adelle is too cute to only be up one day.
2012-10-2410-24 - Assignment completed. One year term of service achieved. Just kidding, but Happy Birthday Adelle!
2012-10-2310-23 - On Scene...the PBR world finals are this week and I really wish I was 10-23 there now.
2012-10-2210-22 - Also no 10-22 so here is a picture of Cliff (remember Cliff?) shooting a 10/22...see what I did there?
2012-10-2110-21 - Also no 10-21 so here is the shirt I was wearing when I was tased. Complete with 2 small blood stains near the bottom. Not a fun experience.
2012-10-2010-20 - Location (Sure wish I was at this location right about now).
2012-10-1910-19 - No 10-19 either so enjoy this random picture because it is 0348 and I should have gone to sleep an hour or so ago.
2012-10-1810-18 - Ok now we can enjoy our artictis picture as there is no 10-18.
2012-10-1710-17 - I lied there is a 10-17....10-17 is complainant. Here Beth is complaining about the cold (best I could do).
2012-10-1610-16 - Domestic Trouble (Later...because I assume she blames him for tipping over the boat)
2012-10-1510-15 - Civil Disturbance
2012-10-1410-14 - Report of Prowler
2012-10-1310-13 - Weather and Road Report. Since there is no road we will stick with looks sunny and very nice. Enjoy your trip home to significantly cooler Indiana, Ben.
2012-10-1210-12 - For whatever reason there is no 10-12 (we have 10-0 to 10-99 but there are only about 60 that are acutally used so there are a lot of holes), so enjoy a picture of some wild turkey from Clifty Falls State Park.
2012-10-1110-11 - Dog Case (in this case theft of a body part).
2012-10-1010-10 - Fight
2012-10-0910-9 - Repeat
2012-10-0810-8 - In Service (first day as a solo unit).
2012-10-0710-7 - Out of service
2012-10-0610-6 - Busy
2012-10-0510-5 - Relay (My apologies to Michael if there is not a relay in that picture not all of us have advanced degrees in electrical engineering.)
2012-10-04I had other pictures planed but I thought it would be fun and educational (especially for Evan since he is always getting them wrong) to depict with pictures each days 10 code. We missed a few days so lets start with today 10-4 - Okay or Acknowledgement.
2012-10-03For our anniversary Beth and I went to Clifty Falls State Park. We had a wonderful time.
2012-09-24Happy Anniversary! 7 years and counting.
2012-08-13Happy Anniversary Evan and Chantelle! Congrats on your first year of marriage!
2012-08-01Happy Birthday Kimber! Fetch the stick!
2012-07-31Happy Birthday Nixie! Who's a good girl?
2012-07-27There was a spare rope hanging on the fence, and Beth got this picture. I thought it was pretty good.
2012-07-25You either have to be really good, or really bad at flying RC Helicopters to get them to do this.
2012-07-21Beth and I went to the Hendricks County Fair this week. It was a little on the hot and dusty side, but we had fun.
2012-07-03Happy Anniversary! Hard to believe it has been 7 years already.
2012-06-23Awwww...come on Dad. We want to come out and play.
2012-06-17Happy birthday Jon!
2012-06-15So close! Don't worry you'll get that ball someday.
2012-06-12Get that ball!
2012-05-31Daddy is getting ready to leave for work.
2012-05-29Happy Birthday Therese! Hope you have a wonderful day. May birthdays always start and finish strong...kinda weak in the middle through.
2012-05-20Such a pretty flower in the pot.
2012-05-18Happy Birthday Nate! No matter what happens just nod you head and take it "jump for jump".
2012-05-14Happy Birthday Evan! I hope you enjoy your day off. I will fight the temptation to text you whille I am working.
2012-05-13Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.
2012-05-09Happy Birthday Chantelle! I hope you have a good day...even though you had to work.
2012-05-08I did...did you? Beth and I actually jogged to our polling place. Kinda hurting now.
2012-04-29Guess what I did yesterday...and yes it hurt. (Look just under the GMC Logo for the first and then the blood spot for thesecond).
2012-04-21This is why bull riding is so hard. The number 1 guy in the world right now made it 5.29 seconds on this bull (Asteroid who is the running for number 1 bull in the world).
2012-04-19We got there extra early on day 2 of the event so we could wander around and get real close to the dirt.
2012-04-18It was maybe a little on the loud side at the event. By the way that is the MC Flint in the background.
2012-04-16Beth and I went to watch Professional Bull Riding downtown last weekend. Good times were had by all.
2012-04-15Happy Tax Day...GO FAIRTAX!
2012-03-16That sleeper is getting out of season, isn't it?
2012-03-15Generic artsy flower picture.
2012-03-14It's a good look
2012-03-13Adelle smiles for mom too
2012-03-12Adelle and her Grandpa C. Smile courtesy her Uncle Ben P.
2012-03-05Something tells me that this department doesn't get into a lot of high speed pursuits.
2012-03-03It was all kinds of fun answering 'What happened to your face?' Especially after a couple days when it started to turn pretty pretty colors.
2012-03-01Let's just say that at times Physical Tactics is a bit painful at times (Day 1).
2012-02-27Home Sweet Home for the next 7 weeks...not that I am counting or anything.
2012-01-10Happy birthday Cara!
2012-01-03Happy birthday Michael!
2011-12-25Merrry Christmas from our family to yours!
2011-12-15Happy Birthday Beth! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get everything you wished for!
2011-11-23Happy Birthday Ben! I bet I know what you want for your birthday...8 uninterrupted hours of sleep.
2011-10-24Happy 0 birthay, Adelle!
2011-10-14Kimber thought it would be a good idea to roll around and 'perfume' herself with what turned out to be a dead mouse. She wasn't real thrilled with the hose down she got afterwards.
2011-10-13Kimber smelled something she really liked.
2011-10-11The girls and I went for a walk in the woods last weekend, and good times were had by all.
2011-09-24Happy Anniversary Nate and Beth!
2011-09-21Beth had a much easier time passing through both, but she had to wear a jacket.
2011-09-19Nate attempting to navigate Fat Man's Misery and Tall Man's Agony. It may have been a bit snug at times, but at least it was a comfortable 55 degrees.
2011-09-11I think we all need to take a moment and remember what happened 10 years ago today. Sometime today please think about all the people not only who died in the attack, but of all the people who rushed into harms way to help others.
2011-09-02One of the best things about the house is the land and the view. Trust me this is a terrible picture and doesn't do it justice.
2011-08-29I am sooo jealous of that pole barn. I mean look at it you could park 2 F150's in it no problem.
2011-08-26You might want to check on that guy who appears to be doing stuff around your house. He looks a little shady; either that or extremely helpful. It could really go either way.
2011-08-24Congratulations on the new (to you) house Evan and Chantelle! Now the real work begins.
2011-08-13Happy Wedding Day, Evan and Chantelle
2011-08-01Happy Birthday Kimber! Get that ball!!!
2011-07-31Happy Birthday Nixie!
2011-07-29Threaded 22/45
2011-07-28Threaded 22/45: Timing is very good on the thread protector
2011-07-27Threaded 22/45 - you can see the thread protector if you look for it.
2011-07-19A little something to take your mind off the heat.
2011-07-12Godspeed Officer Long. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
2011-07-03Happy Anniversary Ben & Cara!
2011-06-30I probably shouldn't joke about her accuracy. She is actually a very good shot.
2011-06-28Sometimes it is hard to hit the real little pepper poppers so you have to get real close to them. :)
2011-06-25This past weekend we were down at Serenity Valley so Beth could sight in her new (to her) M1 Carbine.
2011-06-24We have had a really good past couple of weekends. Here is Beth shooting the quietest gun I have have ever heard, an integrally suppressed 77/22. If I didn't see the bullet hole in the target after I shot I wouldn't have known it went off.
2011-06-21Who loves puppies?
2011-06-18I was surprised to see this sign...
2011-06-13It is amazing what those guys can do in the air with those machines. I never get tired of watching their demonstrations.
2011-06-09I'll tell you who really knows how to fly...The United States Navy's Blue Angels!
2011-06-01Chickens learning to fly...
2011-05-30Puppies look a lot like fuzzy fetal pigs...
2011-05-29Happy Birthday Therese! May has been a busy birthday month. It started on a high note, went through a bit of a slump, but ends on a high note!
2011-05-27Quite impressive!
2011-05-23The Heavy Metal Jet Team (a civilian jet team) was quite impressive as well.
2011-05-19We went to the air show last weekend and I actually remembered my camera. The temp was perfect, but the cloud ceiling could have been a little higher.
2011-05-18Happy birthday Nate!
2011-05-15Puppies! (showing 6 of 7)
2011-05-14Happy Birthday Evan! Doesn't it suck to have to work on your birthday?
2011-05-09Happy Birthday Chantelle! Isn't it nice to have your birthday off?
2011-04-16Yes, I met Mr. Peanut.
2011-04-08The weather is getting better. It’s time to stop waiting around and get out there are go shooting.
2011-04-06This makes me laugh every time I see it.
2011-04-04Happy Birthday Jeff/Dad!
2011-03-29Congratulations to Evan and Chantelle!
2011-03-11Well it looks like Super Puppy and Professor Fluffy have mended their differences and are best of friends now.
2011-03-093-08 Day is such an important day why not continue on with the celebration!
2011-03-08Happy 3-08 Day Everyone!!!
2011-03-03Wherever there is injustice, you will find her. Wherever there is suffering, you will find her. Wherever liberty is threatened you will find Super Puppy!
2011-03-02With her trap having failed, and Super Puppy moving in for the take down, Super Puppy’s arch nemesis Professor Fluffy escapes to try again another day.
2011-03-01Using the lightning quick moves her mentor (yours truly...that's right I'm Liam Neeson) taught her, Super Puppy is able to break free and gain the upper hand.
2011-02-28...and right into a trap. Things aren’t looking good for Super Puppy! Could this be the end of her crime fighting days?
2011-02-25With exceptional speed Super Puppy bursts onto the scene...
2011-02-24Kimber immediately springs into action rushing headlong toward the cry for help; caring not an ounce for the danger she is about to face.
2011-02-23One day mild mannered puppy dog, Kimber was out for a casual stroll in the snow...When suddenly a cry for help rang out!
2011-02-04Last week we went to the Professional Bull Riders event downtown. We both had a really good time, even though I forgot to bring the camera (hence the crappy cell phone pic).
2011-02-03More ice on trees...this time it's Brownsburg ice.
2011-02-02More Ice on Trees
2011-02-01Ice on Trees
2011-01-26Godspeed Officer Moore. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
2011-01-17After 2 weeks of celebration (and given the current weather) I thought it would be nice to relax and take things easy.
2011-01-10After a week long celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Michael it is time to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Cara. Happy Birthday Cara!
2011-01-03Happy Birthday Michael!
2010-12-30Kimber is always alert and prepared just in case someone thinks about stealing her pig ear.
2010-12-28Guess which one is Evan's dog.
2010-12-27Kimber enjoyed all of her new toys and treats.
2010-12-25Merry Christmas from the Hibschman Family!
2010-12-22Snowman rockin' the awesome hat!
2010-12-20They say you are only as old as you feel...if that were true Beth and I probably shouldn't be living together.
2010-12-17With a last name like Hibschman I have seen some misspellings in my day, but I have to say this one was new to me.
2010-12-15Happy Birthday Beth! On your birthday try to think of warmer times.
2010-12-11Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a deer in your front lawn.
2010-11-29New niece
2010-11-25My first buck
2010-11-24Nice doe Nate!
2010-11-23Happy Birthday Ben!
2010-11-13Here's hoping we are more successful this year than we have ever been in the past.
2010-11-10LIFT OFF!!!! With apologies to those who like the floppy ears.
2010-11-02Get out there and vote if you are capable of making an informed decision. Please don't go to just push the pretty buttons.
2010-10-28Guess what is right around the corner! I don't even know when my area is doing Halloween. Oh well.
2010-10-09Meet little Kimber. Born 08/01/10. Brought home on 10/09/10.
2010-09-24A little late, but Happy 5 year anniversary Nate & Beth!
2010-09-14...that's right, the one on the left. Go Nixie!
2010-09-12Hey, look whose King of the hill...
2010-09-10HELP, Sasquatch stole my dog! Yeah she is wearing a plaid shirt...what of it?
2010-09-01A little much needed serenity
2010-08-31Blue Butterfly
2010-08-13I think we captured Evan's essence well. I picked it out just for him.
2010-08-11Congratulations Evan, Chantelle, and the rest of Session 63!
2010-08-10Just in case you cannot see the sign behind us.
2010-08-09Here is what Beth and I did today. It was only ridiculously hot out.
2010-08-04Smokey Mountains
2010-07-31Happy Birthday Nixie!
2010-07-29Ben and Cara return from their trip...I wonder how many bears Ben wrestled on this trip?
2010-07-04Here's hoping your 4th is a blast! Remember what today is supposed to be about...Freedom.
2010-07-03Happy anniversary Ben & Cara! Has it been 5 years already?
2010-06-17Happy Birthday Jon!
2010-06-16Interesting weather of late.
2010-05-29Happy Birthday Therese!
2010-05-22I don't think it appreciated me get close to get a better picture. I think what it saying here is 'Look how big I am! Don't mess with me!'
2010-05-20Walked right past this when I was mowing my yard today.
2010-05-18Happy Birthday Nate!
2010-05-17Transportation Ingenuity - only 4320 more trips and you'll be able to build the house!
2010-05-15Grandma J's Fence
2010-05-14Happy Birthday Evan!
2010-05-13Grandma J's house
2010-05-13Virginia Sky
2010-05-04Did you?
2010-04-19Got your nose!
2010-04-16Let's see...we need something to take our minds off the taxes we had to pay. I know...PUPPIES (okay just one).
2010-04-15Tax Day. Wouldn't it be nice if April 15th was just another nice spring day?
2010-03-28Yep...definitely not not my buddy anymore. It is amazing how things change when women get involved. (It looks like they are building a nest RIGHT outside my window)
2010-03-27Not anymore.
2010-03-26Once I had a buddy outside my office window.
2010-03-08Happy 3/08 Day to Everyone!
2010-03-01Well, we made it through another February. This one sucked more than most. Oh well at least its done.
2010-02-07Go COLTS!
2010-01-29HEY! That's my toy.
2010-01-28See...I told you everyone loves German Shepherd puppies.
2010-01-25Who loves German Shepherd puppies? Oh yeah...Thats right...Everyone.
2010-01-22After the after.
2010-01-16Now this is my kind of artwork.
2010-01-10Happy Birthday Cara!
2010-01-03Happy Birthday Michael!
2009-12-25Merry Christmas from the Hibschman household and all of us here on (okay most of us)!
2009-12-20Silly dog thinks shes people...I wonder where she got that idea?
2009-12-15Happy Birthday Beth!
2009-12-13Go Nate! Next year I am going for second place (although I will take Top Gun).
2009-11-24Everyone is happy when daddy brings home venison!
2009-11-23Happy Birthday Ben! Hope everying is looking good on your birthday.
2009-11-21Congratulations Michael and Therese!
2009-11-14Congratulations, Nate!
2009-11-11Make sure you thank a veteran for your freedoms (what you have left anyway).
2009-10-22Does anyone else find themselves smiling when you have to write down days like 10-22?
2009-10-17A view of Sabaudia from halfway up a mountain
2009-10-11IMA - Cara is a work of art herself, isn't she?
2009-10-05Please tell me you got a picture of Cara "holding" the tower up.
2009-10-01Opening day of bow season. I doubt I am going to be able to find the time to even get out during bow season this year...that sucks!
2009-09-30Its back! This is quite possibly the best time of year.
2009-09-29Cara and Ben in Jamaica
2009-09-24Happy anniversary Nate and Beth!
2009-09-23IMA - Art?: A commercially fabricated awning stuck on the wall
2009-09-22IMA - Flavius Agricola as he wanted to be remembered
2009-09-21IMA - Möbius Ship
2009-09-20IMA - Fawns playing
2009-09-19IMA - Some people just seemed to appreciate things more ...
2009-09-18IMA - This painting made me think of Jack Shaftoe
2009-09-17IMA - A statue
2009-09-14This is the sign that makes you start talking louder, clapping your hands, and clutching your bear spray like it's a winning lottery ticket.
2009-09-10This happy sign greets you at every entrance to the park.
2009-09-08Just like the rasing of the flag on Iwo Jima there are rumors that this picture is a fake, but I can assure you that it is authentic.
2009-07-09A visit to Ben's office... How can it possibly be considered work when the warehouse is full of bounce houses?
2009-07-03Happy Anniversary Ben and Cara! Hope you kids are having fun in Tennessee.
2009-06-27Congratulations Alex and Elyse!
2009-06-04Haven't posted a picture in a while.
2009-06-03I need a bright sunny picture to counteract the crappy weather today. It is also nice to think back to times when one could find ammo with no problems.
2009-05-29What was Nate doing yesterday? Log in to find out...or I bet you could figure it out from the Front Page News.
2009-05-19One year ago. Good times.
2009-05-18Happy Birthday Nate!
2009-03-25Passing on a tradition
2009-03-21New Rear Sight from Champion (now Kensight)
2009-02-23I almost missed it, but Happy 2-23!
2009-01-23Happy Birthday John Moses Browning!
2009-01-15Man it’s cold, cold, cold here. It would be nice to be elsewhere.
2009-01-10Happy Birthday Cara! I hope you have a wonderful and exciting day.
2009-01-06Let's hear it for Captain Happiness.
2009-01-03Happy Birthday Michael!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day full of excitement.
2008-12-14The struggle continues...
2008-12-11Celebrity endorsement.
2008-12-08Sage advice...
2008-12-05The eternal struggle between Light and Dark.
2008-12-02"Obi-Wan has taught you well."
2008-11-29Sometimes the temptation is just too great...
2008-11-27On Thanksgiving Day lets remember to be thankful for friends and family.
2008-11-24This looks really good right about now.
2008-11-23Happy Birthday Ben! Hope it's a blast.
2008-11-21#51,092, "Revolving Firearm" Patented by H. Smith & D.B. Wesson of Springfield Mass., 1865
2008-11-18The fruits of my recent hunting trip. Not big, but good eatin'.
2008-11-16Congratulations Nate!
2008-11-13I like the line "...the satanic blossom of razor-sharp spikes of screaming death that explodes into being..."
2008-11-11Happy Veterans' Day! Thanks for all that you have sacrificed for this country.
2008-11-07Weird...and neat at the same time. I wonder if anyone ate it.
2008-11-05Happy Guy Fawkes Day. I like how it falls the day after the election.
2008-11-04If you are informed go out and vote, if not stay the hell away from the polls.
2008-11-01Wouldn't be my first choice of bike, but it is nice day to be out riding.
2008-10-31Happy Halloween!
2008-10-27I dropped the ball on Halloween this year. Oh is last year's pumpkin. The thing I will miss the most are the pumpkin seeds.
2008-10-21Enjoy your warm weather while you can Ben, it's a little chilly back home.
2008-10-20Good hammock weather.
2008-10-17It's BACK!!!
2008-10-01Deer season starts today. I don't think I am going to get a chance to get out at all with my bow this year.
2008-09-27This should give you an idea just how big the automag cartridge is. The one on the left is .45ACP the other a spent .44automag.
2008-09-25I got to shoot the automag as well. I had fun shooting it, but I am sure glad I don't own one. I don't think I could afford to shoot it.
2008-09-24Three Wonderful Years, and I hope MANY more to come.
2008-09-23Here is pic of Michael pulling the Automag down out of recoil. It was really a lot more impressive in person.
2008-09-21Yes, that is Michael shooting an Automag. I think he enjoyed it.
2008-08-23I have a new trick to teach Nixie.
2008-07-31Happy Birthday Nixie!!!
2008-07-12I defy anyone to look at this picture and not smile......You couldn't do it could you?
2008-07-09Ben's refinishing project, one of them anyway. Looks Good Ben!
2008-07-03Happy Anniversary Ben and Cara!!!
2008-07-01One of my groups with my .44mag lever-action at 100 yards.
2008-06-19Happy Birthday Lucy!
2008-06-18Yesterday was a very appropriate day for this picture. (pushed back one day for Jon's picture)
2008-06-17Happy Birthday Jon!
2008-06-04M1903 Mk I - Note the cutout for the Pedersen Device
2008-05-21When there is lead in the air, there is hope in the heart.
2008-05-18Happy Birthday Nate!
2008-05-14Happy Birthday Evan!!!
2008-04-28The fruits of my recent trip to Cleveland.
2008-04-23Happy Tax Freedom Day!!!!
2008-04-07Current state of Evan and Jon's go cart.
2008-03-09For Sale $8100 Contact POD Administrator for questions.
2008-03-08Happy .308 Day!
2008-03-01How do you spell happiness?
2008-02-24#4 Baby! America is ready for change and the generic crap the 3 Socialists are talking about.
2008-02-20I don't know but I think this might be wrong. Sorry about the crappy pic.
2008-02-17We came home last night from dinner in the truck (thank god) to find this. 158 is my mailbox, talk about getting lucky.
2008-02-12IT'S HERE!!! Go buy 4 and give them out to random people.
2008-02-01As if thinking she was queen wasn't bad enough, she also thinks she's a person. Although it is hard to argue with her when she is that cute.
2008-01-30Nixie thinks she is queen of the house. I wonder who gave her that idea?
2008-01-23New truck (bought it 2008/01/21)
2008-01-19Nixie has a new friend.
2008-01-14If you are having a stressful day this week, just remember sometimes it helps to stop and watch the sunset.
2008-01-10Happy Birthday Cara!!! I hope you get to take some time and enjoy your day.
2008-01-09Sometimes I wish I was a dog. Nixie had a hard day of playing with toys and napping.
2008-01-07Ahhh...Sweet memories. Ben and I slaughtered so many weeds that day. Good times.
2008-01-03Happy Birthday Michael!!! I hope you enjoy all you cool gifts, especially the tank I got you.
2007-12-15Happy Birthday Beth!!!
2007-12-13One of the hawk posing in an earlier picture.
2007-12-10One of the cooler pictures I got from the trailcam over the gut pile. Sorry for the glare, it was a poor place to put the camera I now see.
2007-12-01Meat at last, Meat at last, thank God Almighty we have meat at last!
2007-11-26Hope your birthday was a...blast, Ben! I'm sorry.
2007-11-23Happy Birthday Ben!!!
2007-11-14Nate missed the November 4 USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-11-12Nate missed the November 4 USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-11-09Nate missed the November 4 USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-11-07Nate missed the November 4 USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-11-04Here's what Ben's new front sight will look like...
2007-11-01Happy All Saints Day! Here is a wonderful saint; she would have to be to put up with him for as long as she has.
2007-10-27Happy Halloween! The most pagan of all mainstream holidays, well that and Mother's Day.
2007-10-21Gravestone of Teco Retanico Zimmerman
2007-10-15Sometimes you have to take a knee to hit those pesky little targets.
2007-10-12Michael and I had a barrel of fun at the match...Get it? No, I didn't think you would.
2007-10-11I got a good one of Michael in mid draw. Just look at that form and grace.
2007-10-09I have some new pictures of the October USPSA Match, but most are going to be of Michael, and here is why...Beth was all time score keeper. She gave me lots of extra Alpha's.
2007-09-24Happy Second Anniversary Nate and Beth!
2007-09-07Nate strong hand only. I believe that hit was dead center of the hostage/no shoot target. When I hit 'em I hit 'em good.
2007-09-05Michael strong hand only. For the record that hit was an Alpha...Chris!
2007-09-04Michael shooting one of the more complicated stages. I helped him by yelling at him to get the ones on his right.
2007-09-02Michael and I waiting to shoot our string on one of the stages at the September USPSA Match.
2007-08-26We went to the Air Show this weekend and had a blast. If you have never seen the Blue Angels I would recommend it. (Sorry about the quality I took these with my cell phone)
2007-08-14My reloading press is all up and running again thanks mostly to Michael. You sir are a king among men!
2007-08-10Here is the start of my reloading bench that I started today.
2007-08-09Here is Michael shooting the same stage. His stance is so much better than mine.
2007-08-06Nate shooting one of the longer USPSA stages.
2007-07-26The contactor went bad in my air conditioner a while back. I've since installed a replacement.
2007-07-24The July 1st USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-07-20The July 1st USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-07-17The July 1st USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-07-13The July 1st USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-07-10The July 1st USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-07-08Got some new grips. It's hard to photograph them well, though.
2007-07-05The July 1st USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-07-04Happy Independence Day!
2007-07-03Happy 2nd Anniversary Ben and Cara!!! Hope you kids are having fun.
2007-07-02The July 1st USPSA match at Freetown.
2007-06-26In memory of Charles W. Lindberg. Semper Fi to a great American hero!
2007-06-02Almost a May baby, oh well we can't all be perfect.
2007-05-25Less than $50 worth of fun, although the top of the bricks is not quite as neat now as they are in this picture...Thank you Ben and Michael.
2007-05-23I always knew the swingset would come in handy for something.
2007-05-21Good friends and good times!
2007-05-18Merry Birthday Nate
2007-05-15Former embassador to the UN, Bolton was the keynote speaker at the 2007 banquet.
2007-05-12The 2007 NRA banquet. There were a LOT of people there.
2007-05-09I think I found the Trijicon optic that I like best. This is the brand new Trijicon TA33R8 3X30. It features a red chevron reticle with stadia lines calibrated for a flattop with 62gr ammo.
2007-05-07The Trijicon booth is always a lot of fun. You can try out their optics on a variety of plastic rifles.
2007-05-04The Trijicon booth is always a lot of fun. You can try out their optics on a variety of plastic rifles.
2007-05-02The Trijicon booth is always a lot of fun. You can try out their optics on a variety of plastic rifles.
2007-04-30The Trijicon booth is always a lot of fun. You can try out their optics on a variety of plastic rifles.
2007-04-27FN was there too with a bunch of samples. I cropped the barrel to the length I think it *should* be.
2007-04-24Guess who else I met...
2007-04-24Guess who else I met...
2007-04-21Guess who I met...
2007-04-19You could win this motorcycle from Leupold...
2007-04-17A little late I know, but Happy Tax Day!
2007-04-16I thought this was a funny picture...
2007-04-07*drool* This one was on gunbroker a while back. Mine will be different, but this is one of the few hard-chromed Les Baers that I've seen.
2007-04-03My dog is such a dork.
2007-04-02Five of the six gooseberry bushes I planted in the Fall now have leaves. I may have to return the bare one...
2007-03-31The tree in my back yard is in bloom too...
2007-03-29When I got home Tuesday, my ornamental cherry tree was blooming.
2007-03-26I guess this would be a little more accurate for my new job.
2007-03-19Start my new job today! Wish me luck.
2007-03-12Done! Be sure to read up in today's Front Page News.
2007-03-07Who says black rifles aren't for hunting... (Take a look at the price tag too.)
2007-03-05I saw this in a Cabela's catalog the other day. The graphic nature of the illustration surprised me.
2007-03-02I spent my entire vacation working on a project that I will be doing a write up on later.
2007-03-01Now it's a buffet.
2007-02-27Another picture of a doe eating from my parents' birdfeeder.
2007-02-26Looks like the deer finally figured out that there's food in the birdfeeders...
2007-02-23The baby puppy is sleeping. It's sad sometimes to think that she won't always be that small.
2007-02-22I know it is a little late, but I just recently found my camera. Congrats to the Colts.
2007-02-21While this wasn't taken after the snow we recently received I still think it is appropriate.
2007-02-20The new Neal Boortz book Somebody's Gotta Say It! is coming out today. I've been in line since Friday.
2007-02-14Ben and Cara's new home.
2007-02-13SNOW! Lots of it.
2007-01-08After re-sighting in my M1A, I shot the following 5-shot group. I'd say it's a fairly decent size group considering the scope power and the fact that the crosshairs are thicker than the orange dot I was aiming at.
2007-01-04And here's a close up of that little brass plate on the bottom of the frame.
2007-01-01I got the painting framed at Hobby Lobby. (Happy New Year!)
2006-12-29I got my dad a painting for Christmas. It's a cape buffalo charging. The title is "No Surrender, No Retreat". (The artist is Eric Meador of
2006-11-24And here it is folks, the moment you've all been waiting for... What does a hermit crab's rear end look like? Pretty disgusting, that's what.
2006-11-23HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!!!
2006-11-22I finally got Steve to consider a shell that was BIGGER than his original shell. Here he is taking a look at it.
2006-11-20When I wasn't looking, Steve switched shells again. This time he picked a shell that was EVEN SMALLER. I guess Steve isn't the brightest bulb...
2006-11-18I got another hermit crab. This one is named Steve. Steve just changed shells last night. His original shell is the red, white, and blue one. He switched to the green shell, which is smaller.
2006-11-17Marcy and I carved pumpkins. One of us carved an owl. The other carved something... not an owl. Can you guess who carved what? Can you also guess which one drew more comments from the kiddies on Halloween?
2006-11-03Marcy and the Lactation Station at the Indiana State Fair in 2006
2006-10-27As promised here is a picture of our new puppy Nixie. This was taken the day we got her.
2006-10-26As seen from the Garden of the Gods this is Cheyenne Mountain, and we all know what is under Cheynne Mountain.
2006-10-25Ok to make up for that bad joke here is a picture of Buffalo Bill's grave.
2006-10-24This is Beth and I on top of Pikes Peak. That is over 14,110ft. I was really high that day. Ha Ha Ha!
2006-10-23Here is a view from the top of Pikes Peak. I really don't know what mountain range that is, but it looks cool.
2006-10-20And here is a picture of the cabin itself.
2006-10-19This is what was amazing. This was our view from the cabin.
2006-10-18This is balancing rock at Garden of the Gods, and yes I tried to push it took 5 park rangers to get me to stop.
2006-10-17Ben will be happy to know that they serve Jew dogs at Pikes Peak.
2006-10-16This is kissing camels at Garden of the Gods. As Ben says it looks more like a camel kissing a turtle.
2006-10-13This is what was awaiting us when we got to the cabin. It was actually kinda neat.
2006-10-12This is us at Lookout mountain. This time I used the timer and a rock.
2006-10-09This is Beth and I at Garden of the Gods I was trying to get the mountains in the background, but didn't do so good.
2006-09-20In this picture you can see the loft which is above the living room. That is where the computer is located.
2006-09-19Here is our living room with our brand new sofa and loveseat. You can still see unpacked boxes in the background.
2006-09-18Here is the kitchen where I do all my wonderful cooking. Preheat oven to 400 cook frozen pizza for 20 min.
2006-09-15As promised here are some more pictures of our new house. Here is the front of the house.
2006-09-14These rose bushes have bloomed continuously since I moved into my house in June. Crazy, eh?
2006-09-13I was wondering if the birds would find my feeders after getting rid of the swingset. I finally got my gold finches back. Too bad I had to take this picture from a distance and zoom in.
2006-09-12These little butterflies are going crazy over some of my flowers. I've only got one of these plants, but you should be able to see a dozen or so butterflies. Sorry for the blur, it was taken through a window.
2006-09-11Well, I took out my industrial-strength bird feeder stand (aka the swingset). It really opened up my back yard and now I don't have to mow around the stupid thing. The lumber will make its way to Serenity Valley.
2006-09-09One of my little spiders made a pretty big catch. You can see the spider on the right. I was assaulted by a hummingbird while taking this picture.
2006-09-05More pictures to come, but this is the best I could do at the time. Here is a picture of the back of our house.
2006-08-17For all the rolls of film and all the deer that I have captured on film this is my first picture of a buck.
2006-08-14We let Marcy try a pepper popper with the .22 first. Her first five shots are right at the neck. She then moved higher to try and knock it down. She found out right away that the .45 is much better for steel.
2006-08-12It's easier to make one-hole groups with bigger bullets. Believe it or not, this is a picture of Marcy's first eight rounds out of a .45. The one low shot was her first one.
2006-08-10Marcy's first ten shots last weekend with a .22 1911 conversion kit. First one and last four are in the orange.
2006-08-08Picture from Reuters: Israel drops nuclear bomb on Lebanon.
2006-08-07There's no place I can be since I found Serenity.
2006-06-29Michael with Jeff Cooper's elephant gun "Baby". It's "as close to the mind of God as you can get."
2006-06-28Bob and Dave, two of the instructors.
2006-06-27No, that's not a bullet hole on the upper right corner of the target. It's my ejected brass.
2006-06-26Ed Head, the operations manager at Gunsite
2006-06-24Do you see the rainbow after some color adjustment?
2006-06-23Do you see the rainbow?
2006-06-22Yes, it did rain on us several times while we were IN THE DESERT
2006-06-21The windmill at Gunsite.
2006-06-20Pretty Clouds
2006-06-19Larry Mudgett, our primary instructor.
2006-06-17Where we performed the Dozier Drill.
2006-06-16Michael drawing his Detonics ServiceMaster
2006-06-15The Southrange, where most of our drills were held.
2006-06-14Be careful...
2006-06-13The gate at Gunsite.
2006-06-07This is one of my favorite pictures. It captures the gun right as it is fired.
2006-06-05Here is my cute petite wife knocked back by the same rifle. By the way both of them hit the gong off hand at 100yds on their first shot.
2006-06-02Big manly Ben knocked back by a little rifle.
2006-06-01Ok I know that last fireball was kinda weak...So here is a much better one.
2006-05-31I have several pictures from Sunday's shooting fest. Here is a fireball from my AR as Beth is shooting it.
2006-05-25What about the TGO-4?
2006-05-22Someone doesn't like to smile...
2006-05-18Happy birthday, Nate! Enjoy your fishing.
2006-05-08Poor Mikey...
2006-04-30Automated Leg Pressure Air Cuff Assembly, outside of case
2006-04-29Automated Leg Pressure Air Cuff Assembly, inside the case (more)
2006-04-28Automated Leg Pressure Air Cuff Assembly, inside the case
2006-04-15Big hail from the storm yesterday.
2006-03-28Polished Detonics CombatMaster with stag grips
2006-03-25New Detonics ServiceMaster
2006-03-24If you see this after coming through my door then you are in trouble.
2006-03-23If you do buy a Glock here is the perfect place to store it.
2006-03-18Yoda: Photo by Cara
2006-03-13Look how tiny the CombatMaster is! Shoots great, though.
2006-03-10Now that's more like it. Commander size Kimber Eclipse.
2006-03-09'Uh... So where am I supposed to put my right thumb?'
2006-03-08In honor of today March 8th otherwise known as 3/08.
2006-03-07Oh, the horror! What is that piece of Tactical Tupperware?
2006-03-04Can you find 22 pieces of .45 ACP brass in this picture?
2006-02-24Don't mess with the best...Jack Bauer.
2006-02-18A couple of cuties in black
2006-02-17Storm damage from Feb 16ths storm
2006-02-15Another picture of a Detonics ServiceMaster. I want one. Why do I have an obsession with Detonics pistols?
2006-02-13Never loan a Computer Science major an Electrical Engineer's $60 digital multimeter... And people wonder why I have 'trust issues'.
2006-02-11I would really like a Detonics ServiceMaster. Unfortunately, it's not out yet. And I'm not sure I can afford one.
2006-01-10Have a great honeymoon, Nate and Beth!
2006-01-09"I hate spammers. I hate them like I hate spray-paint vandals. Somewhere in the afterlife they will be repeatedly pounded in the nuts with Thor’s hammer, if there’s any justice."
2006-01-03Happy Birthday Michael!!! I hope you get everything you want maybe a tank.
2005-12-30At Serenity, the lake was frozen over except for where springs bubble up. Looks like something out of Half Life.
2005-12-29The top half of the barrel is conical, but the bottom is machined flat.
2005-12-28Crazy 3-spring module for recoil spring. Series 70.
2005-12-09Nate's buck
2005-12-08This wasn't what I was going for, but it turned out okay.
2005-12-07Nate going fishing with his Kel-Tec
2005-12-06Nate showering.
2005-12-05Heading out ...
2005-12-04My good old .357
2005-12-03A lot of my pictures look very random. For good reason.
2005-12-02Another shot of the canoe.
2005-12-01This kind of close-up is one kind of picture I love taking.
2005-11-29Some shots from my recent hunting trip.
2005-11-09Butler's president bucked tradition and got his portrait painted before he left office.
2005-11-08Dilbert Cartoon
2005-11-07"Sorry is a vision of hell, frankly. Who designed this game? Sisyphus? It teaches several valuable lessons, such as the pleasure of revenge and the uselessness of initiative. "
2005-10-28Now here's a Christmas decoration even Ben might want...
2005-10-27Someone has a sense of humor...
2005-09-30Why does Ben always look angry in pictures? Because he looks angry all the time.
2005-09-28Now here's a dapper fellow...
2005-09-27Cara stares at Evan in disbelief as he says something characteristically stupid. Michael tries to shoot death from his eyes.
2005-09-25One ugly SOB... That shirt collar was so tight that I could only breathe when I stood up straight. Ben's collar had elastic.
2005-09-23Gotta get me one of these...
2005-09-19Who else finds this distrubing? I mean, what's the mantis going to do with all that hummingbird? All the leftovers will never fit in the fridge...
2005-09-17A great all-purpose rifle. Taken from the Springfield website. Mine's a bit different.
2005-09-15I found these little guys at Serenity. Ugly, ain't they?
2005-09-05Sorry I have not been keeping up with the POD, but with school starting and moving in to my apartment I have not found the time. Here is one for labor day as I go off to labor.
2005-08-14I can't upload to Ben's FTP server.
2005-08-12no rest for the wicked.
2005-08-11This sucks too I have to be at work at 6:15am again today. Oh well you know what they say...
2005-08-10This sucks! I have to be at work at 6:15am today. I almost forgot there was a 6:15am.
2005-08-09I'm disappointed. There has not been any good days to go rafting this year.
2005-08-08I hear Michael is getting pretty good with a bow. I'm thinking it won't be to long until he starts splitting arrows.
2005-08-03Hectic week for me so POD's won't be as punctual...or as good as usual.
2005-08-01It's late and I am tired.
2005-07-29See what I was saying about random things.
2005-07-28This is one reason why I like Ben's site, you can find pictures of the weirdest and very random things.
2005-07-27I am surpised that Ben didn't use this picture in the banner.
2005-07-26I think Ben should use this picture in his new banner to avoid confusion.
2005-07-20Here is something to ponder for a couple days.
2005-07-19See I told you so.
2005-07-15Lucy is the cutest dog ever.
2005-07-14Indy during the day.
2005-07-13It is going to be a busy week for me so I will throw out some random pictures for everyone.
2005-07-12They made it back ok, a little soggy but safely. Also now Cara has another ring on her finger.
2005-07-03Congratulations to the happy couple from everyone on this forum we wish a lifetime of happiness.
2005-07-01Cara's family now, but soon they will also be Ben's family.
2005-06-30Well, maybe I need to rethink that last statement.
2005-06-29Is there anything better than a big .45 in a lovely woman's hands? I think not.
2005-06-27Several hundred rounds went down range yesterday. It was a blast (pun intended).
2005-06-27Now that the shooting is done the cleaning needs to begin.
2005-06-24Hurray, for shooting. Soon.
2005-06-23I am getting a lot of use out of this recently. Although I cannot remember when it was this clean.
2005-06-22This one looks professional too. I'm watching you Ben.
2005-06-21A picture to go along with today's new story about digital photography.
2005-06-20Jason's project is coming along nicely.
2005-06-17Random picture deliberately picked because I am getting frustrated with school.
2005-06-16Random picture.
2005-06-15Random picture.
2005-06-14Random picture.
2005-06-13It is going to be a very busy week for me, so I am just going to post random pics. Think up your own caption.
2005-06-10Still busy. Stop bothering me.
2005-06-09Busy. Random pic.
2005-06-07Note to self, NEVER piss Michael off.
2005-06-06Everybody needs a funny picture to help them through Mondays.
2005-06-03Only 1 month left you two. Enjoy it while it lasts, or at least pray for it to past quickly. Probably the latter.
2005-06-02Congratulations to Evan and Jon for graduating. I never thought I would see the day, mostly because I wasn't planning on living this long.
2005-06-01Why...why did I decide it would be a good idea to take a 400 level history course in the summer?
2005-05-31Look who I found down at IUPUI today! Let me tell you great fun was had by all.
2005-05-27You are entering a world where color has no meaning, when many men have entered and were never heard from are entering Michael's house.
2005-05-26Test day! A cute picture of Lucy to give me some luck.
2005-05-25[No caption provided.]
2005-05-24One of my favorite pictures of Beth and myself, and I feel it is appropriate for today.
2005-05-23Well, it was bound to happen some day.
2005-05-22I wanted to find a good picture for the day of the shower, but I couldn't come up with anything. Do these disks look like they're moving?
2005-05-20We know how to have fun at Hibschman family get together’s.
2005-05-19This sort of sums up my feelings on the new Star Wars movie.
2005-05-18Happy Birthday to me!
2005-05-17I'm beginning to suspect CNN photographers can't read...
2005-05-16Just in case anyone missed Michael's little gem.
2005-05-14Here is a picture to make Evan (the birthday boy) happy. Happy Birthday!
2005-05-13What a weird looking camera. Oh yeah there is also a helicopter raining down fire in the background, but I think we all know what Michael was taking the picture of.
2005-05-12Well we have to go back to school today. Wish us luck.
2005-05-11Such a happy sight. There needs to be more machine gun rentals places around here.
2005-05-10We should all be so lucky.
2005-05-09Here is a picture to go along with Michael's story about Tom Green.
2005-05-06This is an all around cool picture. When I see I think, "War is hell". Way to go Michael.
2005-05-05There ladies and gentlemen (all 3 of us who check here regularly) is a brave man.
2005-05-04Stupid Indiana weather...ok well not quite but close.
2005-05-03Hurray!! Last day of school for me. Although I have to go back in 8 days for Summer I.
2005-05-02I want everyone to notice what is in the center of this picture. SWEET!
2005-04-29There my friends goes the happiest man on earth.
2005-04-28This is one of my favorite picture. Anywhere that a 15 year old kid can walk around with a smile on his face and M1A in his hand must be a happy place.
2005-04-27Some of you have been calling for new POD's. Fine, here is a new pic of a very fun looking gun.
2005-04-26So that's what it was all about. Well that’s not at all what I was thinking it was.
2005-04-25I'm not sure if I want to know what she is referring to, but we can all speculate.
2005-04-25I'm not sure if I want to know what she is referring to, but we can all speculate.
2005-04-22When Ben and I cut up that tree that fell down behind my house we must have pulled at least a pound and a half of lead out. No telling how much we missed.
2005-04-21Alex and Sarah attempting to hitchhike through Avon Park.
2005-04-20Four-Twenty baby! Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
2005-04-19It's been awhile since I have used any KCR pics and I believe the spring shoot was just held recently.
2005-04-18Random Pic because I am busy today.
2005-04-15Tax Time!
2005-04-14Beth being waited on hand and foot like she is used to...I know I spoil her.
2005-04-13Yet another picture of an AR in honor of my upper. I am very excited about it, because I am now only 3 pieces away from my very own AR-15.
2005-04-12(I am going to carry over this picture with a new caption) In honor of finally getting an AR upper that looks very similar to the one in this picture only much crappier.
2005-04-11'I call it Vira,' he was heard to say in reference to his poodle shooter...
2005-04-10Here is picture of what the whole bike looks like. Very nice.
2005-04-08A cool picture of a cool chopper.
2005-04-07Last year at Nathan and PJ's Ride I meet a biker I used to know that now goes to IUPUI too.
2005-04-06Now that it is warmer it is good shooting weather too.
2005-04-05Beautiful riding weather!
2005-04-04Happy 50th Birthday Jeff (Nate's dad)!
2005-04-01I got tired of doing POD so I made it so this link won't work when clicked on so you really shouldn't even bother trying.
2005-03-31Busy week random PIC(s).
2005-03-30Busy week random PIC(s).
2005-03-29Busy week random PIC(s).
2005-03-28Let try starting out the week with a nice scenic picture.
2005-03-25Unfortunately with spring comes suffering for those of us with seasonal allergies.
2005-03-24With spring coming up I thought we might need some pictures with some nice green foliage.
2005-03-23There that is better.
2005-03-22Wait a minute. Something is wrong here.
2005-03-21Sorry for the lapse in POD's but it was spring break and I worked almost as much as Dan does normally. So here is something funny.
2005-03-11See I told you she could handle a full sized 1911. Way to go Beth!
2005-03-10And yet she can handle one just fine.
2005-03-09Look at how big a full sized 1911 looks in Beth's hand.
2005-03-08In honor of today 3-08-05. Here is a .308
2005-03-07And fight effectively she does.
2005-03-04Sometimes the only job for a man is keeping his lady fighting effectively.
2005-03-03Dogs however do not like having to work for their food.
2005-03-02If you find that your dog is overweight the solution is simple. Make them work for their food.
2005-03-01Everytime I hear of an incident like the one involving the law that cannot be seen I think of this image.
2005-02-28In honor of that cool knife holder from the Front Page News.
2005-02-25Here is what happened to all that beautiful ammo. If you look close you can see one of the cases.
2005-02-24What a beautiful sight. That is almost 100 rounds of 45ACP.
2005-02-23Don't worry the Man is on the case. He won't let that snake get away.
2005-02-22Don't look now, but it's getting away!
2005-02-21It is getting close to riding weather. I can't wait.
2005-02-18Well, Beth and I sold our other house (she said it was too small and drafty). Here is the house we will be purchasing next.
2005-02-17Oh course I can’t find them during hunting season, but one month after the end of hunting season there come out in abundance.
2005-02-16Here is what should have been the POD for the 14th, for those who celebrate it.
2005-02-15Sorry folks, due to the server downtime I was unable to get a POD up until today. Enjoy.
2005-02-11I have always thought this was a great picture, and in light of recent event I will probably be using often.
2005-02-10You don't want to piss this woman off. I've taught her well.
2005-02-09I don't even know what this is a picture of because my computer was taking way to long to load it. I will have some better pictures as soon as I remember the URL for the pics I submitted.
2005-02-08I dug about a pound of these out of that tree that fell on Sunday.
2005-02-07Ouch! I would have thought this would be very difficult to do.
2005-02-04Ladies and gentlemen, it has finally happened. After years of using it as a backstop and target stand this tree has fallen down.
2005-02-03Beth and I just bought a new house. What you see here is the servant’s quarters.
2005-02-02I just had my fencing class yesterday…Yeah it looked something like this. :)
2005-02-01I ran into this wacky guy at school recently. Good times were had by both.
2005-01-31Break time. (Not for you, just them)
2005-01-28One more picture in honor of those Georgia kids.
2005-01-27In honor of those two teenagers who removed themselves from the gene pool.
2005-01-26In the interest of fair play here is a picture of Ben.
2005-01-25Random picture of Nate
2005-01-24I am tired so here is a ramdom picture.
2005-01-21It looks like it is going to be a long time before I get a chance to get out on my bike again.
2005-01-20One of Ben's more artistic pictures, and it still involves guns. For those wondering the one on the left is a 45ACP and the other is a 40S&W.
2005-01-19Right when I was about to post a new POD the computer froze up on me...I taught it a little lesson.
2005-01-18A little something to take your mind off the cold. And boy is it ever cold.
2005-01-14He just wouldn't listen to reason.
2005-01-13Don't do it Jon! You have so much to live for...well that might be a lie, but you still should jump into a frozen creek.
2005-01-12This house managed to stay very warm during the recent cold snap.
2005-01-11With all the rain and snow we have been getting lately Ben and I were tempted to do another rafting adventure. Fortunately more rational mind prevailed.
2005-01-10Well, school started today. I suppose I will start up the POD again.
2004-12-28See anything on her finger?
2004-12-24This beautiful woman is no longer my girlfriend.
2004-12-23I am going to be taking a vacation from my POD duties so here is a picture for my winter vacation.
2004-12-16Done with finals!!! (It symbolizes freedom)
2004-12-15Happy Birthday Beth!!!
2004-12-13Finals week. I might be a little lax with my POD duties for this week. Sorry.
2004-12-10Lucy is funny when she is drunk.
2004-12-09Look at the happy couple.
2004-12-08The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don't need no water let the M@# F*& burn. Burn M@# F*& burn.
2004-12-07Just a little reminder.
2004-12-06In celebration of me finding the quote I was looking for. Read the quote in the Let it Out section and it will make more sense.
2004-12-03Sorry folks I forgot about today. Here is a random picture.
2004-12-02You have to wonder what some of that stuff is in the basement of this burned down house.
2004-12-01This is what happens when you keep Ben from accessing his files.
2004-11-30Pretty, and sparkly!
2004-11-29Just a random picture, because I have had a long extended weekend.
2004-11-26I have yet to hear about any of these, now legal, evil high cap magazines running through the streets killing children and raping women.
2004-11-25I couldn't find a picture of turkey, so here is a picture of a deer. Some people eat venison at Thanksgiving. Sorry to those easily offended.
2004-11-24My very liberal history teacher is probably on her way to reading my pro-freedom gun control paper, so here is a picture I think she would enjoy.
2004-11-23Happy Birthday Ben!
2004-11-22I don't have an interesting comment for today, but if you have a problem with that talk to my complaint person (pictured).
2004-11-19I had a chance to see this very bench recently, and it no longer looks anything like this. Let's just say it has seen better days.
2004-11-18I enjoy Ben's pictures of water running through the various creeks he visits.
2004-11-17This where a small lead asteroid smashed into the ice on a creek.
2004-11-16This is what you expect to see in the woods this time of year, but instead the temperature is in the 50's.
2004-11-15Sorry I was unable to get this loaded earlier, but I had a long weekend of hunting. Just a random picture.
2004-11-12A very cool picture. If you look closely you can see a single ray of sunshine coming from around the tree.
2004-11-11Peek-a-boo! (sorry for those who have dial-up).
2004-11-10One thing I like about this picture is that it could have been taken anywhere. As it is I believe Ben took this picture on one of his many jaunts in the artic tundra.
2004-11-09Another example of Ben's wacky need to take random pictures with his new camera.
2004-11-08A tragic end to one of Ben and Nate's rafting trips. If you look closely you can see Ben on the left side of the picture, Nate unfortunately did not make it out in time.
2004-11-05I love the detail present in many of Ben's pictures. Notice what is in the background.
2004-11-04See, I told you Alex was just a steel town girl looking for the fight is his life.
2004-11-03It looks like someone has stolen Ben's camera. He looks kinda pissed.
2004-11-03A very confusing picture if you happen to under the influence of some controlled substances or even some completely legal substances.
2004-11-02Don't forget to get out and vote or it can get worse than this.
2004-11-01You can now buy these for a lot less than Ben paid for them when he bought them. It's uninhibited capitalism great.
2004-10-29Look closely and see if you can tell what is wrong with this picture.
2004-10-28Is one of our members immortalized in concrete at Avon Park? This reporter says, yes.
2004-10-27A custom (low and long) Indianapolis 500 chopper. This bike has a lot of detail that you cannot see in this picture.
2004-10-26This is what the back of a bike with a V-8 engine in it looks like.
2004-10-25This is what the font of a bike that has a V-8 engine in it looks like.
2004-10-22Yes, that is a gavel as the shifter and a rail road spike as the foot peg.
2004-10-21From yesterday see how big the waterfall is. Gigantic like I said.
2004-10-20A huge waterfall located in Putnam county.
2004-10-19A neat old iron (?) bridge in Avon park.
2004-10-18A shameless bit of pimping myself as a liquor model. Hey I've got the face for it. :)
2004-10-15Sunset in the fall.
2004-10-14I have always had to smile whenever I saw this picture. I think it is just an all around funny picture.
2004-10-13A quant, well fortified, little cabin located somewhere in southern Indiana.
2004-10-12A modern type of artwork that unfortunately permeates much of our culture.
2004-10-11He is just a Steel-town girl looking for the fight of his life.
2004-10-08I have to bring this picture back because Ben should be coming back today.
2004-10-07The place where I spend most of my downtime while I am at school. Incidentally this is where I post most of the POD's for those who care.
2004-10-06This looks like a good place to do some scouting for deer.
2004-10-05I know we all miss our beloved forum administrator, but if we stick together we will get through this.
2004-10-04A random picture of a house in Owen County burning to the ground.
2004-10-01Hunting season opens today. I hope I have better luck than last year.
2004-09-30The Avon Firefighters trying to coax Ben down from the top of that tree. They had to be careful because he was clinging to his rifle muttering to himself.
2004-09-29Since fall is upon us here is one last look back into spring and summer.
2004-09-28A picture of some 44 mag bullets in honor of my new 44 mag.
2004-09-27Here is a picture to give you an idea of how many bikes were at Nathan & PJ's ride. If you look close you can see my Sportster.
2004-09-24Here is a picture of Beth and I at Nathan & PJ's ride. It seems fitting to have a picture of Beth and I as the POD for today.
2004-09-23Here is an up-close look at my split arrow. I was kinda ticked about this too, because arrows are expensive.
2004-09-22When you get really good at shooting a bow you might be able to do something like this...or you could just be a lucky SOB like me.
2004-09-21Here is the original picture that Ben was messing with.
2004-09-20Ben bored and playing with pictures. I think it looks kinda neat.
2004-09-17A view of the bridge in Avon Park as seen from the might river that Ben and Nate brave at times.
2004-09-16I don't know why, but I thought we could use some pictures of cows.
2004-09-15Something you might want to have handy if you get rammed by a junky minivan.
2004-09-14Since some people (mainly those in the media) seem to be confused as to when the ban ends here is another "evil black rifle" picture.
2004-09-13In honor the Assault Weapons Ban sun-setting here is the best picture I could find in Ben's archive.
2004-09-10For all those who will be at Steak n' Shake on Saturday. This is in honor of Heather whom we all miss (She moved, she's not dead).
2004-09-09The pre-finished version of the Harley Davidson Stone that hung outside out garage.
2004-09-08Ben is somehow able to snap a picture while he whips down the river at break neck speed.
2004-09-07I have been reading a lot of western books and watching western movies, so here is a picture of me shooting a western style gun.
2004-09-03A very fun way to test and recover hollow point bullets.
2004-09-02A group of Owen County's finest fire fighters.
2004-09-01A nice wild boar gun. That idealy would be carried as a backup.
2004-08-31Looks like the people of New York got upset with the representative (Aug. 26th's POD for reference).
2004-08-27A picture to get you in the mood for the Indy 1500
2004-08-26What luck Ben was able to get a picture of a New York representative. I'll leave it up to you to guess who it is.
2004-08-25IUPUI students have to go back today, so here is a picture of the library to get them in the mood.
2004-08-23If you look real close you can see Ben getting ready to go bungee jumping.
2004-08-20Ben and Nate's next rafting adventure. :)
2004-08-19Ben's accommodations while he was in New York.
2004-08-18The reason that Ben went to New York.
2004-08-17Just a random picture because I have been up since 4:00am and I am tired.
2004-08-13A picture of a snowy New York landscape to remind Ben of what he did last winter.
2004-08-12In honor of getting to do a little shooting yesterday...I give you "NATE SHOOTING in shadows"
2004-08-11An old iron bridge in Avon park, that we raft under when the water is high enough. The water level looks good in this picture.
2004-08-10When Ben first got his camera he would take pictures of anything and everything.
2004-08-09Irrefutable proof that Big Bird lives in the woods surrounding Ben's grandparents house.
2004-08-06If you guessed a candle'd be wrong. It is an old pistol.
2004-08-05Can you guess what I am? I will give you the answer tomorrow.
2004-08-04Levi showing that there is a way around massive taxation to pay for "public goods".
2004-08-03In honor of the last day that my bike will wear stock pipes.
2004-08-02A picture from one of Ben's jaunts through Avon Park (I think).
2004-07-30I have not done a Knob Creek Image yet so here is one. This is a very bad place to stand while visiting the range.
2004-07-29A picture of the big-hearted biker, Papaw...and man does he look like a biker.
2004-07-28A random picture to get a working POD up. I will try to get Papaw's picture up tomorrow.
2004-07-27In honor of Nate passing the ABATE motorcycle riding course.
2004-07-26In honor of Ben passing the ABATE motorcycle riding course.
2004-07-23Poor Lucy, she's tired after almost a whole week of her being the POD.
2004-07-22Another Lucy picture.
2004-07-21Who's the big sweetie?
2004-07-20This week strikes me as a dog week. So here are more pictures of dogs.
2004-07-19A cute picture of Nate's dog, Lucy.
2004-07-16A random picture to get a working POD up.
2004-07-12I bet you miss me already don't you?
2004-07-09Well Folks, this will be my last POD for a while because I am going on vacation. Here is a picture of one of the places we will be visiting.
2004-07-08This is what happens when you have a bad batch of polymer cased ammo. Although I don't know why it is titled natecCaseFailure.
2004-07-07A picture for everyone who misses Steak 'n Shake.
2004-07-06Just a reminder ...
2004-07-02A nice landscape picture.
2004-07-01Computer not working?
2004-06-30The magical place where Jackson and Dan learned how to reload.
2004-06-29I know we have had this picture before, but I had to use it again in honor of the date. 6/29
2004-06-28A picture of someone taking a picture.
2004-06-25A random picture of random people. Enjoy.
2004-06-24So I was late getting the picture of the day up. Call someone who cares.
2004-06-23Looks like someone found the deer before I did.
2004-06-22Nate tracking the ever elusive deer, with his granddaddy's thutty-thutty....ok well maybe not.
2004-06-21A nice look at Nate's two 1911's.
2004-06-18Alex shooting a powerful handgun. Doesn't he look happy?
2004-06-17The things you find in the basements of houses for sale.
2004-06-16An image to take you mind off the heat.
2004-06-15This is what happens when a 230 grain Hydra-shok bullet hits a body of water.
2004-06-14A view from inside the basement of a burned-out house.
2004-06-11My patriotic dog. In honor of Mr. Reagan's passing.
2004-06-10What is going through this sick twisted person's mind?
2004-06-09In honor of getting a new AR Lower here is Jackson shooting Ben's AR.
2004-06-08A nice looking 1911 in 10mm. I would put a picture of Ben's new 1911 up if it wasn't such a god awful big pic.
2004-06-07Tell me what you see in the smoke of this picture.
2004-06-06One more time not because I am lazy but because I couldn't find a better picture to commemorate the 60th anniversary of D Day.
2004-06-02A neat picture of Lochness taken by Jackson. And what is that in the upper right hand corner of the lake? In this person's opinion it's Nessie.
2004-06-01I think that Michael's submission warrants another day as the picture of the day.
2004-05-31Memorial Day Image (submitted by Michael)
2004-05-28Bow down before your new overlord!
2004-05-27A random picture because I am tired and lazy.
2004-05-26What Ben really does at work.
2004-05-25Can you tell how much I like Stainless Steel?
2004-05-24Operation Red Dawn, Avon Indiana.
2004-05-21Ben and Nate on an archery season scout/hunt. Unfortunately no deer were harmed during this episode.
2004-05-20A beautiful picture of one of my favorite spots in the woods near Fillmore.
2004-05-19I wonder what you would see if you looked through the holes in that sign.
2004-05-18Happy Birthday to Nate!
2004-05-17The power that is .45ACP
2004-05-14Everyone's favorite red reloading.
2004-05-12Who is this mysterious man of mystery?
2004-05-11A world of hurt.
2004-05-10Simply an all around cool picture.
2004-05-07A dark picture of a very cool garage.
2004-05-06Nate's dog takes a nap.
2004-05-05A scene from Nate and Ben's war against the strange weeds. Notice the carnage all around.
2004-05-04Sighting in Nate's Savage on a cold winter day.
2004-05-03Nate and Beth, sitting in a tree ...
2004-05-02This is Gus, the gun loving dog. We haven't seen Gus much recently ...
2004-05-01Nate's Knob Creek Ad
2004-03-19Can you see what is wrong with THIS picture?
2004-03-17Can you see what is wrong with this picture?
2004-03-10Ben's old and battered constant companion takes a snooze on some ballistic nylon in the shade of a flowering weed.
2004-03-08Nate tastes deer droppings
2004-03-06Submitted by Morgan
2004-03-04Alex stands triumphantly over his latest kill.
2004-02-28Alex trying to reason with a concrete wall.
2004-02-26On one of the famous, dangerous Nate & Ben rafting expeditions, Nate stares up at a massive, native structure and nearly loses control of his raft.
2004-02-24A tree behind the Hibschman's house in the winter of 2002. This particular tree sits downrange from where we usually shoot and has been slowly falling apart for years.
0000-00-00A very good way to test and recover hollow point bullets.
0000-00-00Since some people (mainly those in the media) seem to be confused as to when the ban ends here is another "evil black rifle" picture.
0000-00-00A picture of some 44 mag bullets in honor of my new 44 mag.
0000-00-00Some of you have been calling for new POD's. Fine, here is a new pic of a very fun looking gun.
0000-00-00This sucks! I have to be at work at 6:15am today. I almost forgot there was a 6:15am. Home
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